Tree Killers

Ok…well, maybe they aren’t trees, but they are plants that provide oxygen and vegetation to the world…well, our apartment.
The problem is, we can’t seem to keep them alive. No matter how hard we try, they only last a few weeks…some of the more hardy ones a little longer. It started with our house warming party a year ago. We received our first plant, and was actually a rosemary tree, shaped like a sphere perched on top of a long thin trunk. We (I) were so excited. Following soon after, we adopted a pretty little cilantro plant…Unfortunately we went out of town and when we returned, they were both sickly. Cilantro never recovered. Rosemary struggled ahead, dying a slow death of one brown section at a time.

When my dad moved from Burbank last August, we inherited his three plants since they wouldn’t like Vail, Colorado in the winter. Through all these months, they thrived. The little ivy-like plant was green and healthy, and the other two (I have no idea what kind they are) were actually growing….Suddenly, one day the ivy-like plant was dead. It dried up over night and was a crispy brown. We almost had a funeral.

But, I was comforted by the fact that we had 1. Kept it alive for so long, and 2. That we had two others still going strong. With them doing so well, we though we’d add some color to our family and picked up a bright blue/purple Hydrangea plant.

That was two weeks ago. It was so happy at first, with sun and water at just the right amount of heat…it was even growing a second stalk! A sad bit of news threatened our plant happiness–one of the plants in the hallway was discovered to have decaying/brown leaves on the bottom! It’s a bit dark there, so we hadn’t noticed, especially since it’s a very dark green. We’ve moved it to the light of our kitchen in hopes that it will respond to that a bit better.

Dead HydrangeaAnd, now, the Hydrangea is all crumpled and curled. In the beginning, it would only get that way if it was very dry, now, it is just damp–not soggy–like the directions say. We’re keeping it in the sunniest part of our house….but to no avail. I’m afraid for our little plant.

My theory–our apartment gets TOO hot! Oven like…when we open the door in the evening, it’s stuffy and sticky. It’s all just too much for the vegetation. I really do have to water them every day, a lot, in order for them to not be dry.

So, since I love my plants and want them to live, we are giving them back to their rightful owner…this week we’re traveling up to see my dad and he is getting his plants back! We hope they will be able to survive the Vegas heat a little better….
Here’s to saving the planet!


  1. Melissa said,

    July 5, 2007 @ 12:10 am

    I am not the greatest about plants either. I forget to water them….
    Plants are a funny thing. It could even be as simple as the type of soil you are using. It may be that you are giving it too much sun. I think you are on the right track about too much heat. It could also be that you are giving it too much water. I know, crazy. Plants are funny. I love plants.

  2. Shaela said,

    August 6, 2007 @ 8:56 pm

    Ok you two….just so you know….the plants are doing quite well here in vegas with dad and i. we are watering them plenty and they got good amounts of sunshine and shade. i haven’t noticed any brown leaves! they are alive and green! :o)

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