A Lot to be Thankful For!

This week’s post is a little early, since we’re flying to Utah tonight for Thanksgiving. I figured I’d be busy tomorrow, and probably not get around to it.

Our life this past week hasn’t been too exciting. We’ve been getting more and more settled into our place. I actually cleaned out all of my Mary Kay products and “supplemental items” so we could figure out where Britt’s stuff is going to go. And, we finally got rid of our donation items–it’s a great feeling to be moving toward less clutter. Mark has taken to organizing his cds, dvds, videos and computer software, so it looks like our place has been taken over a bit, but he’s making progress so I’m trying very hard not to freak out.

We are very grateful for the innumerable blessings that we have. I asked Mark what he was thankful for, and the first thing he said was me. I am so thankful for him too. He is so supportive, helpful and patient with me. This morning as I was running around late for work, he made sure I brought all of the things I needed, but almost left behind. What would I do without him?

Our families who are so willing to help with anything we need and give advice and encouragement at any time.

The gospel–it is the focal point around which our lives turn. It gives our lives purpose, meaning, and goals to work toward; without it we would be lost.

We have great friends who are fun, helpful, encouraging and a great support. We know we can rely on them if we ever need anything.

It is also a great blessing that we were able to find a bigger apartment in a great area for a great price. The added space is really great, and we have fantastic neighbors. And, living in this place wouldn’t be possible without the great jobs that both of us have. Mark’s company would hardly be able to work without him, and I have really great bosses that make work a lot more fun.

Mark said he is thankful for talents, and that is one I had forgotten about. He has a lot of outward talents, like music, art and doing things with computers and technology. Mine are more hidden and I tend to overlook them, but I know they are there and I am thankful for them as well.

And, last, but definitely not least, we are grateful that we are on the road to parenthood. We’re thankful for Britt and look forward to his coming–seriously, we can hardly wait. I realized last night too that he is already a part of our lives–especially mine, and that I am already responsible for him and his well being. I guess since I don’t smoke, drink, eat sushi or anything like that I didn’t have to make major changes to make sure he was healthy. But, last night I was making cookies for a work party and kind of wanted to just eat the dough, or cooked cookies for dinner–I used to do this in college. Then I realized that cookies weren’t a good dinner for him and he’d be getting hungry, and needed the nutrients a healthy meal would bring. So, I made a real meal, because I’m already his mommy and he needs me. I guess I’ve been making these “healthy” meal choices since the beginning, but this is the first time it hit me so much.

So, Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh–and this week Britt is starting to get more fat on his body. He can also hear what we’re saying–so I’m trying to cut down on yelling at the stupid drivers LA has. He’s getting more muscle too, so his kicks are getting harder. He likes to move around at night–and Daddy can feel him too!

Sorry no photo–there aren’t really good ones for this week.

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  1. Melissa and Family said,

    November 23, 2007 @ 12:21 pm

    You are so good about what you eat! With Hannah (#3 baby) I just gave up on being good. I needed a Pepsi to keep calm. Now, she sees me and knows what it is. She is only 16 months! AH! Also, watch what you say… even when they are four. I actually got made and said, “What the H-e-l-l are you thinkin?” Um, my four year old has adopted that word. Really I said it once. Now I’m in BIG trouble. I lost my cool. I’m sorry but she just would not clean the room and did a bunch of other little, silly things… that now I can’t name. Okay, so no more of that word. See you soon! AND thank you for reminding me to think of those things I’m thankful for.

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