BFFs and some family time

One of the reasons I don’t mind our trips to Cali is that B and I get to see our friends and family that we miss terribly.

After the AMC Kids event, we had an all too short visit with our first besties, Mav and Paige. I also got to see their super cute new guy Tuck.

B and Mav

We all had a great time, and the hours flew by quickly. I’m bummed I didn’t get a pic of Paige or the baby, but I hope to next time. When asked who his friends are, Britton always says “Maverick and Paige and Max.” Sometimes Paige even comes first.

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There’s a pool at my mom’s place and we spent a lot of time there. There is a 2 foot section, so B could “swim” by himself, and Chez helped too. Kaia LOVES the water. On the first day I saw a girl giving her baby swimming lessons (she’s a real instructor) and so over the next few visits she gave me pointers. Kaia was always happy to put her face in the water or go onto her back. Like, so excited about it. I’ve got to get her into lessons here. And Britton liked to pretend he was swimming too.

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Just don’t try getting him to do a back float or really go under.

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Grandma Sheri even got to come one afternoon. Britton even got her to go in the water!

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On our last day in town our other besties Max, Eden and Linda came for a swim. The boys had a blast playing together, and eating sandwiches.

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Kaia and Eden had fun together too. They’re just under 2 months apart. Such cute girls! We were sad when they had to go home.

We got B’s next shooting dates, and they were just far enough away that we decided to go home, and fly back. So, the next day we headed out. The drive went pretty well. We got to stop at Angie’s again for a little fun and food. Britton wasn’t too happy when we had to leave.

Then at Shaela’s the dogs were happy to see them…and I think vice versa. Kaia wasn’t as afraid of them as before. We’ve discovered that Kaia has a thing for men. She likes them a lot better than women for sure. She’s always gone to Greg easily, but she’s been around him since she was born. Sometimes she likes Grandma, but I usually have to be nearby. At Shae’s she wasn’t too keen on going to her, but she went to Ethan right away and was just fine. Silly girl.

The next day we visited with my grandparents. GiGi and Gpapa to the kids. Grandpa indulged Britton with some ball throwing, and they played with the toys.

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The little crawler came up for her close up.

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Kaia with GiGi and GPapa. She went to him right away too.

Later we went to Cassie’s and played with her and Kaylee for a while. We got snow cones. I was so excited. I love them so much, but we don’t have any around here that I’ve seen. They’re very hard to find in LA too.

They are sharing a small. That’s right, each has HALF of a small. And B almost ate the whole thing. Not that I blame him. The Pina Colada was delicious. I stuck to my usual of Tiger’s Blood, Raspberry and Watermelon. Sooo yummy! Then we headed back to Cassie’s house and the kids played while I went through some of Kay’s clothes for Kaia.

She decided to help. A mighty cute baby in a box for sure.  Not so helpful though. She did continue her love of guys though. When Jeremy came home she was really excited, even though she’s seen him like once before. Apparently he was hilarious.

The next day we had a “normal” morning, then went riding in the afternoon.

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Our Hayseed. He looks like a natural up on the hay.

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He even took over the reigns on Star. He learned the “kiss kiss” and “woah” plus a little turning I think.

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Kaia’s first ride. She had fun for a while, and did good on a trip around. But then she saw me again and it was all over. Bummer.

Then we got more snow cones near Shae’s house. They weren’t as big, but just as delicious. Grandpa Jim came to visit too. Since he didn’t have a nap, Britton fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner…he slept the whole time!

We had a nice trip this time. It was fun seeing everyone…it’s been a few months. Kaia has changed a lot, and is much more mobile, so it was a bit of a challenge keeping her out of things,



  1. Charlene said,

    August 13, 2011 @ 11:37 am

    Kaia is so adorable. I love her smile. Britton looks like a natural on the horse. You are amazing to travel that much with little ones.

  2. Kirsten said,

    August 13, 2011 @ 7:39 pm

    Thanks Char! She does have quite the little smile. Makes me laugh. I know, who knew a kid of mine would be good with horses? He really likes it…for about 20 minutes or so. Bummed i didn’t get to see you this time. It was a quick stop. Hope you’re doing well. xoxo

  3. Kristie said,

    August 17, 2011 @ 3:34 pm

    You guys are the best! I miss you so much!!! :)

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