Friends continued


The next day we went to a really fun park that had a carousel, train and cool playground.

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Jared and the kids

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Getting ready for the carousel

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Such good friends

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They loved it. Kaia so much that she cried when it was time to get off. I had to pull her away. so sad.

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Getting ready for the train ride.

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First swing. She LOVED it!

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He liked this fun chair swing too, but not too high.

It was a fun day, but really windy and cold.

That night Jared watched the kids for us so we could have a girls night out. I haven’t done that in FOREVER and it was so great! We had Thai and saw The Vow. So nice to just talk and have fun like old times.

On Sunday we went to church then to the gardens on campus. They were pretty, but since it’s still winter, I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous in the spring and summer.

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Kaia and Jared

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B looking weird by the fountain

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Standing on, stone thing

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K girl hangin' out

The kids and me

The girls looked so much alike–with the exact same shade of hair and being similar in size…though K the taller and slimmer of the two, we thought it was funny when we accidentally dressed them both in ballerina jammies one night.

They had so much fun playing together, running around and hanging out.

So, on our 2nd to last day–and last–I did something I’ve never done before thanks to Kristie’s awesome tutoring and encouragement–I sewed on a sewing machine. Other than a completely straight line. It’s pretty amazing.

We went to the fabric store and picked out some cute things. My first project was a pair of leggings for Kaia. They turned out so cute! She wears them all the time.

This is the 2nd: a super awesome Easter dress that looks sooooo cute!

I did the whole thing, except the sleeves. It was taking forever and I kept messing them up. But, other than that it was all me. It was good that Kristie did one at the same time so she could go first and show me what to do.

I’m thrilled with the result and new-found confidence around a sewing machine.

We had an amazing week and were all so sad to have to leave. Kaia and Alia had become little best friends, wanting to do the same things all the time. K even wanted to nap when Alia did. Silly girls.

Thanks friends! Please come visit us soon!

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