Britton Boy turns 4!

Where has the time gone? I can hardly believe it’s been that long since my little guy arrived. I just love him so much. He’s such a sweet boy who cracks us up all the time.

He’s still little–barely 30 lbs and 37 inches. His foot is still a 7! His favorite color is usually green and he loves cheese, pb& j sandwiches and apples.

He likes to read. Right now his favorites are the Magic Tree House, but he’s still not confident enough to read them himself, so they’re our read together books. He reads everything whenever we’re out–signs, papers, menus, etc.

He’s kicking butt in his swimming class. In just a couple of months he’s gone from hating to put his face in the water to swimming with his arms outstretched and kicking about 10-15 feet with his face down. He loves going every week.

Right now he’s really into his friends. He’s made some good ones at school that he loves to play with. Though, he is now “out in the world” and has become more energetic, more into guns and shooting–not real ones, but you know how little boys can make ANYTHING into a gun. Well, he does. Or tries to anyway. It’s so not ok here.

We’re not sure what it is about him, but he’s a popular little guy. He’s got a few girls who are just crazy about him. One of them is pretty mature and imaginative and they’ve “gotten married” and “gone on a honeymoon” before. Luckily Britton thinks it’s when you go far away on a trip looking for honey to eat. Whew. He’s a hit with the boys too.¬† We love him and think he’s great and all, but don’t know why everyone else does so much. But it’s kind of always been this way. Maybe he just has some X factor.

Which¬† leads me into his other personality traits lately–performing, singing and being a total character. He can sing “Baby” by Justin Bieber all the way through without music, as well as “Dynomite” by Taio Cruz. He likes to make things up too and just sing. Plus, his memory is amazing! He remembers things that happened forever ago, and memorizes so many things.We’re thinking of getting him back with an agent since it seems to be a talent of his.

He loves Angry Birds, his cars and learning things. He wanted a calendar, so we made one with cool extras. He loves doing it every day and is upset if we forget.

He is sometimes a great brother to Kaia and share with her and play with her, but other times not so much. She loves to do everything he does and likes to take his toys. So, I get why he doesn’t love it. But, he still tries.

Apparently he likes to make sure that everything runs smoothly in primary. He’s a Sunbeam now and so they sit on the front row. Since he can read, he knows when things aren’t read the way they’re printed and lets them know. He also thought that Noah’s Ark was like the Boston Tea Party (we watched a cartoon about it a couple of months ago. I didn’t think he was paying attention at all.) It’s fun hearing the latest about him every week.

We love his fun personality and are so happy to have him in our family.



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