Kaia Mya Girl

The stuff below was written about 2 months ago. Her talking is vastly improved–she’s starting sentences now. Hair is longer and curlier and she’s even more independent and full of energy.



I just have to write about my little girl. She is at once the sweetest and most intense little girl I’ve ever seen. She loves to give hugs and kisses and tries to shower them on us frequently. Often to Britton’s dismay. She’s got quite a grip and can be a little overpowering to him. Especially when she switches to intense mode–then it’s a little dangerous with the hair pulling and banging and wrestling. If she wasn’t so into shoes, clothes and makeup I’d be thinking we had a major tom boy in the making on our hands.




cowboy KaiaIn the past month her language has really taken off. she used to only have a few words. But now she says: Mama, Mom, maaaaaam dad, dada, Brit, dog, Jack–as in Britton’s friend whom she loves so much, and jack like a jacket. socks (ocks) Shoes, eat, rock (ock) mouse, wawa, milk (ilk) cookie (ook), bush, book–favorite, up, down (ow) baby, drink (dink), me, door, push, bed (be), duck, yes–with the cutest little lisp, no, cracker (ack),block (bok) banana, nut, apple (app), cheese, Dora, Boots, map, backpack, go, shirt(irt) eye, mouth (mou) hand, toes, dress, (dess), back–both the body part, and as in to put something back or go back, juice (oose), hi–huh, bye–buh, buh+ lots more. Her talking is pretty contextual. Several words sound the same, so you know what she wants depending on the situation.

She loves to think she’s a big girl and do everything Britton does. She pulls the stool up to the counter and gets what she wants. If I leave the locks off the cupboards for a minute she gets in there and gets out whatever she wants. Usually candy. Something else on occasion. She likes to feed herself and does pretty well, especially with the spoon. She’ll only wear her bib if I tell her she can’t feed herself. She can open the fridge and point–or get–what she wants.

Reading timeShe LOVES books. It’s her favorite word and she’ll sit with me for like an hour with me reading different ones. A wide variety, but she does like the Little Critter books the best. She knows the whole story and can insert the right word into the sentence if you pause.

She loves to laugh, and often covers her mouth with her hands. It can definitely be fake, but she thinks that’s what you do. she is great at fake cries and is the biggest drama queen. Seriously, I call her a wambulance like 5 times a day. She just milks it. She loves to brush her teeth and wants to do it herself. We have to have both of our time. She likes picking out her clothes too. sometimes she does pretty well, but needs a bit of help.

Oh my goodness I just love this little girl. She is so fun and has this smile that just lights up a room. she is still struggling to grow hair. It’s getting a little longer, but still pretty thin. she loves to eat–like, more than Britton. I don’t know where she puts it all. She has candy/sweet radar and I think she can smell it somehow, because she just finds it. I give her a lot more than Britton, but she eats so well and so much that I figure it’s not ruining her appetite. Though she doesn’t get it whenever she wants either.

swimShe loves to swim and is like a little fish in the water. It’s all I can do to keep her out of the pool while Britton has his swimming lesson before her. She just loves to splash, kick and even puts her face in the water. Britton has goggles and she likes to wear them too, saying gog-gog over and over. For such a small girl she is incredibly strong and can walk her hands along the pool wall all by herself, pull herself out. She likes to jump in too.

As cute and smart as she is–very aware of everything going on and watching all the time. But she is also a cheeky little stinker. She likes to do things that she knows she isn’t supposed to. Like yesterday when I told her not to eat something–a little magnet for a game–and then she just looked at me and popped it in there. We’re learning that we can’t tell her what to do (or not to do) as she gets older or she will definitely be going in ways we don’t want. We’ll have to figure out how to guide her to come to her own decisions that are good ones.


super KaiaShe does love to love on Britton, but sometimes is too rough. She’ll pull his hair and try to climb on him. But, then she loves hold his hand when we’re outside. Sometimes she gets a bit too intense and bangs her head on a pillow–luckily not something harder. Not sure what to do about it.

But she is Super Kaia. Our little adventure girl.



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