The Magical Kingdom

Britton and Stephanie

Britton and director Stephanie


In June Britton had a drama camp with Broadway by the Bay. He had a great time playing imaginative games, creating a play and making friends.

He also had to learn 2 songs: Whistle a Happy Tune from “The King and I” and My Favorite Things from “The Sound of Music.”

His learning style for music is listening over and over and then he’s got it. But he’s funny, because he pretends he can’t do things or doesn’t know things, but then when it really comes down to it he does.  Like with the songs–he’d make me sing them with him, but then one day we had him “perform” them for our friends and he did the whole thing with no help at all.

He said his favorite part was the singing and dancing.

One thing that Britton seems to have is that X Factor, Star Quality or whatever you want to call it that draws people to him. We don’t really know what it is, or why, so when people go on about him we just smile and nod.

I guess he’s got a fun personality? Anyway, his teachers just fell in love with him from the minute we walked in the door–literally. Maybe it’s the confidence he has in telling people his name and his energy. But one of them declared him her favorite kid ever after about 30 seconds. So funny.

There was another camp the same week with older kids and Britton’s group was the “opening act” for Winnie the Pooh. So, after the performances there were refreshments and one family said something to the effect of, “oh, you’re Britton’s family. Our daughter came home and said there was a boy in the younger class who was so cute that she almost cried when she looked at him.”

What? Really? It is just so unbelievable to me. I mean, I love him and think he’s the best ever, but other people still kill me.

Anyway, here’s his play.

Notice the part where he was sleeping and didn’t get up? Well, the day before at rehearsal he wouldn’t sleep because he “wasn’t tired!” So, we had a talk about pretending. Apparently he got the message a little too well.

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