Misc Utah Trip


Did I ever mention that my camera got ruined in Hawaii? Well, it did., so all I have is my phone. Not the best quality, but at least we can document.

Here’s more fun we had on our trip…

Visiting Bookdocks with cousin Kaylee. Britton always gets so excited at the mere mention of her it’s so cute. And we haven’t heard the end of Boondocks since either.

Kaia loved the carousel.

Then we went with Shaela and Ethan to the aquarium.

She liked the frog.

Shaela’s cat had kittens while we were there. Britton had fun holding them.

We visited the Mt Timponogos Temple too. They weren’t really happy about looking at me, but it was a nice little visit. Though, the one cool day we were there, so we didn’t stay too long.

Next up…horse back riding.


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