Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

We were home for Thanksgiving this year and the kids were invited to participate in a little race Thanksgiving morning. It was organized by a girl from church, so there were a lot of familiar faces and friends who attended, but also people I didn’t know too.

Britton was really excited since lately he’s been thinking he’s the fastest boy in the world. Kaia likes to do anything he does.

Getting ready. Very official with numbers and everything.

About to start

Finish Line


They had so much fun! Britton ran “so fast!” and Kaia ran with Daddy.

Later that day I made dinner and we just relaxed and had a nice time. We’re so thankful for all of the many things we are blessed with–it’s a lot! I”m so thankful for these little guys. They are so much fun, hilarious and definitely keep us on our toes.

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