Best Present Ever–Disneyland

Ever since the billboards and ads for Cars Land have popped up Britton has been wanting to go to Disneyland. We knew the kids really didn’t need any more “things” so we decided that since we were headed to So Cal for Christmas anyway, we’d take them as their gift from us this year.

Needless to say–they LOVED it! Warning: There are A LOT of pictures in this post.

Starting off the day: Welcome to Disneyland!



We started in Cars Land because it was what Britton was most excited about. It’s a good thing we did too, because the fast passes for the Racers ride were gone by 9:30!

Our first ride was Tow Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. It was fun waiting because there was so much to see. And the ride was fun too.


waiting to ride Tow Mater


The place really does look like Radiator Springs. It’s pretty cool. Of course, Disney was very detailed.

Next up was Luigi’s Flying Tires. It was really fun. Kaia liked it since she just had to lean back and forth to make it move.




Meeting Stanley

After riding all the rides we could, and knowing we’d be back later, we headed to the other parts of California Adventure. B and Mark went on Soarin’ over California while K and I went to Bug’s Land and rode the Chew Chew Train.

Then we got lucky. We were waiting to see the Chipmonks, but then Mickey came around and we got to see him instead.


She was so excited to see Mickey–and she thought it was so funny when she touched his nose. She kept going around saying “I touched his NOSE!”



Someone took our picture before we went in. B hated the sun in his eyes.

After we met back up we headed over toward fantasy land and rode the Buzz Lightyear ride. The line was SOOOOO long! But, the kids did pretty well with the shooting and got decent scores! We also saw the Captain EO movie. I was really not thinking they’ like it, but it turns out they did! I hadn’t seen it since I was young, so it brought back lots of memories.

Small World was a must–Britton remembered it from before. I love when it’s decorated for Christmas.



It’s a Small World was a big hit!



She loves the carousel, so we couldn’t go without doing that either.

When B was little I brought him at Christmas time and remembered seeing Santa in a cute little house. So, we went searching and found they’d made a whole village with crafts an games and activities.


IMG_0213   IMG_0209


More Mickey!


She loves hot chocolate!



This Santa was the slowest ever! When we got there, the line was probably about 8-10 groups long. We waited over half an hour. He took pictures with everyone in the group, in multiple combinations and liked to chat. And RIGHT before us, the handlers decided it was break time. So, the kids checked out the tree an other decorations. But, the kids liked it and had fun.

Then we did cookie decorating. And they were actually pretty good–except for the frosting.






She couldn’t resist getting Jessie’s nose either!

After that we headed over to Frontierland an decided to ride the Riverboat.



Waiting for the steamboat. They were excited! I’ve never been on it before either.




Beautiful sunset. The boat ride was really nice and pretty. It was fun seeing a part of the park I hadn’t before.

Then we went to Haunted Mansion. Kaia fell asleep just as we were on our way over, and strollers can’t go in line, so B and Mark waited in line while I stayed by the front. Britton was definitely not  excited about this ride, but once we figured out why, we assured him it was just pretend and he was fine.


I love it decorated for Halloween, and for Christmas. It’s so fun looking. Kaia slept the whole time.

Afterward we made our way back out to head over to Cars Land again to redeem the fast passes gotten in the morning for the Racers ride. It was just in time to see Cinderella’s Castle transformed for the night.



IMG_0261 IMG_0264

Back in California Adventure Britton was excited for the ride. We’d measured him earlier in the day, and he was BARELY 40 inches. And, he went on Soarin’ Over California with no problem.

IMG_0266 IMG_0267 IMG_0268

It’s amazing how real it looks. This is really a pretty small area. So, the sad part is they were super strict with the height. And, since it was night and he was tired, B wasn’t standing up as tall as he could. So, they deemed him too short. He was so disappointed. But, we managed to have fun exploring while Mark went by himself.




The end of the night was the World of Color program. B and I had seen it before, but K and Mark hadn’t.


This picture definitely doesn’t do it justice. It’s mostly so vibrant and beautiful. B liked it. K was just tired and only watched a little bit.



Miss K with her new Princess Minnie. That was what she chose as her souvenir. I asked if she liked Disneyland and she said, “Yes. It’s so fun.” With a high pitched emphasis on the SO.

We did have a fun day. We were all tired, and happy to get back on the bus to our car. But, we’re glad we went.

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