My Boy is 5!

Where, oh where, has the time gone? I can’t believe this special little guy has been in our family for 5 years now!

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Birthday Boy

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A character from the beginning

He is such a fun boy who loves people, loves learning and loves to laugh. He will do anything to make people laugh or be think he’s silly. Quite the entertainer we have.

Right now he’s loving gymnastics, soccer, friends and school. He pretty much thinks everyone is his friend, which is a nice quality to have. He loves reading–right now it’s the “Jack and Annie” books, AKA Magic Treehouse. He’s gaining confidence in his ability, which is nice, because for a while he didn’t think he was very good, even though he did just fine. I think a whole page was just over whelming.


Our boy is sensitive and gets his feelings hurt easily. But, he is also very loving and sweet. He loves to give kisses and snuggles.

He’s been so excited for his birthday for months! Especially for his party that he’s been talking about for a whole year–seriously.

At school I took cupcakes in for the class.

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Birthday crown

Later that night we had his requested dinner–hamburgers.

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Present time

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He opened a couple of small things we’d gotten a while ago, but his main present is his “Tiny But Mighty” class this summer. He decided he’d rather do that than get presents this year. He really loves that acting class.

Happy Birthday to my amazing boy!

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