Lovely Little Lady

So…I’ve been workingon this pot for 2 weeks now. Just adding to it whenever I have time…so this isn’t all new info.

We’re so happy to have little Cambry Ann Reeder join our family. She looks a lot like Britton–same coloring, dark hair, facial features. She has a tiny round face and a top lip that sticks out over the bottom one. Great hair pattern–no crazy cow licks. This girl likes to be held! She doesn’t sleep nearly as well when put down. She acts like she’s hungry all the time, roots a lot, but doesn’t like to latch on–and when she does, it’s just a minute or two, then she is done…for 1-2 seconds before rooting around again. Has a sweet little cry, but doesn’t use it too often. She Loves her binky. She’s a sucker this one, and if she didn’t have it she’d be attached to me most of the time.

She’s a good little sleeper at night. Almost all the time she only wakes up to eat, then goes right back to sleep. Yay for me! And, she loves to sleep cuddled on me too. Sometimes it’s great, other times, like when I need to do things, not as great.

She is SOOOOO loved by her big sister (and brother). Kaia is very eager to put her binky in as soon as she cries. ¬†And rock her, and try to hold her and give her kisses galore. It’s rough sometimes because she’s just so rough on her, so I have to watch her constantly.

We just love her to pieces. She’s so sweet and a little doll girl. Mark wants me to mention how much he loves her too. He’s a very sweet and loving Daddy to her, and has been a big help with the older kids too!





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  1. Soarenth said,

    May 16, 2013 @ 6:21 pm

    Welcome home, Cambry!

    Her eyes are striking. They seem hyper-aware of what is going on around her.

    The pictures of Cambry and Cambry with her siblings are sweet. Still, my favorite is the one of baby and mommy. Aw!

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