Happy Birthday America!

We got out of the house early to go to our ward’s breakfast and patriotic service. It was really nice to sing patriotic songs and hear from a WWII veteran about his service. Afterward the kids ran around and we had a nice breakfast, visiting with friends.



Then, I was lamenting the lack of real parades around here…then found out that the town next to us has one of the biggest ones in Northern California. AFTER it started. Seriously!?! So, we hopped on the train and tried to make it for at least some of it…



But, we didn’t make it. They still had fun though. We went to the little festival, made spin art and waited in the longest bouncy obstacle course line EVER!!!





Later we had a BBQ with some friends. I saw the recipe for these cute cookies in a magazine and I knew I had to make them too. I’m really happy they turned out so well!

IMG_0885 IMG_0891

I also saw this recipe on a blog I follow and thought it would be a nice patriotic dessert. And really, it was super yummy!


Britton made this flag for Independence Day. He made it all by himself.



Our super cute angel baby girl. She was so good all day and looked super adorable in her red and white star dress.



When it got dark we took a drive over the bridge to the East Bay, so we could drive back over the San Mateo bridge and see the fireworks there and in Foster City. Mark’s genius plan worked, and we had a great show. We actually ended up in Foster City along the street with like 1,000 other cars watching the fireworks too. The kids loved it! It was a late night, but we had a great day celebrating America and the independence that we have.

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