Gigi and Grandpapa!

After our fun visit with Chezney it was time to take her back home…so we hit the long road and headed northeast toward the Homeland.

Things I learned along the way…
1. Britton still gets car sick. Don’t stick him in the back of the car.
2. Nevada is a REALLY wide state, and REALLY boring 98& of the way
3. Having lots of snacks is crucial to everyone’s well-being
4. Don’t stop! As soon as the car reaches a speed of less than 5 miles per hour, any sleeping child wakes up instantly

As soon as we reached Kaysville our whirlwind trip began. Seeing Grammie was beyond exciting. Even though it was really late, the kids were wide awake and super chatty. I, on the other hand, really just wanted to go to sleep. But, it was good to see her again, and Teri and Marti too.

The next morning after getting all ready we visited GiGi and Grandpapa for most of the day.



I’m kind of in love with this picture.





It was lots of fun, and Miss Cam got worn out! The other kids played with the toys my awesome grandma has kept through the years. One that Britton likes was one that I loved as a kid too. I am so glad that we got to spend time with them. The visits are much to far apart.

Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I was worried that the kidlets were being a bit too crazy and energetic, but they insisted it was ok and that they were totally fine. Nice to know. Makes my stress level go way down.

After so much fun, they’ve decided to come visit us soon (hint, hint).

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