A Beautiful Christmas

I can hardly believe Christmas is nearly over…just 2 hours left here. It came so quickly this year. I keep saying “I just need one more week, then it can come.” But, unfortunately that’s not how it works.

It’s been quite a rush this year and we didn’t get to many things I wanted to. And, some of the ones we did weren’t really enjoyed. They were more hurried and had the feeling of “ok, we have to do this” instead of doing it for the fun and togetherness.

Every night instead of nicely reading Christmas stories and reading scriptures about the Savior’s birth, there is running around, craziness and fighting. I put the kids to bed quickly because it’s so much easier–and I can tell by their behavior that they’re tired and totally ready for it. But then I’m sad we didn’t get to do more.

Finally though, a few days ago the craziness slowed to a trickle and I felt like I could actually sit down without feeling the pull of something else that had to get done RIGHT NOW. And we had a couple of days to be slower and do more story reading.

And our Christmas ended up being wonderful. Two of 3 children slept until 7. The third until 7:30. We had a nice, calm–though excited–present opening time. With every one they wanted to stop and play with the new item instead of opening others.


Waiting for Kaia

They were probably least excited about their new bunk beds, but we were, so that’s the important thing. Though, tonight as they went to bed they were pretty excited about it. We’ll see how the night does. Cambry was also excited to sleep in a crib for the first time. Yay! She’s finally out of the pack n play! Poor child, nearly 8 months old and is just now getting a crib. As she was laying there she kept kicking her legs and laughing. So, we think that’s a good sign.

IMG_20131225_090736401_HDR IMG_20131225_083315621 IMG_20131225_081932700 IMG_20131225_080632240 IMG_20131225_074435935 IMG_20131225_101809547_HDR IMG_20131225_125948463

They played with their toys and things all day. Kaia wanted to watch her new movie. Britton played with Angry Birds launchers and Skylanders. Cam liked biting and sucking on her blocks.

We the kids got way more presents than they needed or knew what to do with. Our living room was a total disaster (I seriously had to just close my eyes sometimes to reduce the anxiety.) 

Mark set up the beds, we completely rearranged their room. I love it so much more. I also finally got the toy room cleaned–just in time for Karen to come.


I feel like we lost the reason for celebrating Christmas, though we did a lot of that last night, and we were together. But, like every other day, this one went by so fast.

I’m thankful for our little family and the time we had to spend together. We had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a beautiful New Year!

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