New Year, New Habits

I’ve spent the past few weeks really thinking about what I want to be doing and that I really need to get things together!

I’ve come to realize that I am definitely the kind of person who does better with a schedule and a list. The more that I “structure” my day, have more of a routine, I am able to get so much more done. I don’t feel like I’m forgetting things all the time either.

Some of the things I want to do are things that I did in the past for a short time, like learning bags, but then got disbanded somehow and fell by the wayside.

So, here are some of the things that I am going to do to get back on track

  1. Create learning bags for Kaia (maybe Britton too) that I can pull out when I need her to have something to do while I take care of things, and don’t want her on the Kindle. They loved them before, but they somehow got taken apart. Time to put them back together.
  2. Create a list of activities for Britton to do after school. These will have to include Kaia too because she hates to be left out. Things that are like games, but also educational. RelentlesslyFun will be a frequent resource. He loves to learn, and wants things to do. I need to get my act together and put stuff together.
  3. Teach Kaia her “school” on a weekly basis. She likes it when we do it and learns a lot. She likes thinking she’s a big girl.
  4. Write here on the blog or in a journal more often. At least once a week. I know the importance of keeping a journal, and I used to keep one up to date. For some reason, I mostly stopped when I got married. Maybe my life was full of a lot less angst, or maybe starting the blog took over that role, I don’t know. One things I do know, is that I need to share more life. Stories, silly things, every day happenings that are important to us. Not just holidays or special occasions. But things that will be important to look back on.
  5. Read more. Especially non-fiction and religious books.
  6. Teach. This kind of goes along with the kids activities, but it also involves teaching them life skills that they aren’t going to magically know how to do. I’m really bad at expecting them to know how to do things, but then realizing I never taught them how. So, more teaching and more patience.

There are so many more, but I think I’ll leave the list here for now. That’s a lot, but I’m looking forward to it.

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