Britton is SIX!

Happy birthday to my sweet boy!

I really don’t know where the time has gone, but my little boy has gone and grown up to a big boy of six. He was so excited for his birthday that he talked about it for months.



He was set on an Angry Birds party again, and decided on Angry Birds Seasons. I found out during planning that really meant holidays. So we did activities and had food and decorations relating to Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas and Halloween. He picked most of the games and food because he likes coming up with games and things to eat that go with the theme.

He had friends over and we played “pass the present,”  keep the balloon off the floor, colored Easter eggs and ate snacks & cake.

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It was really fun. On his actual birthday he requested tacos.

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He is a wonderful little boy who is loved by everyone. He’s very fun loving–and loving in general. He gives hugs and kisses liberally. He thinks of everyone as his friend, and loves friends.

Britton is a smart boy who is very often found day dreaming and thinking of many things. He loves science, math, computers, soccer, running, Angry Birds, and Hot Wheels.

He is doing great in school and is learning a lot of Spanish. He doesn’t really like to speak it at home, other than the basics, but his teacher says he does at school, and is always trying to get better and asks for words if he doesn’t know them. He’s in a more advanced group for math and is learning addition and subtraction.

He’s still a great reader, but lacks confidence for some reason. So, we try to encourage him to read at least the level he’s on, which is about 4th grade. In Spanish he’s getting better too. Since Spanish is a phonetic language, he’s able to read it fine, but it’s the understanding that I’m not as sure about. Though maybe it’s just to me, because his teacher reads with each kid fairly often and assigns them levels based on that, so I would think that he really does understand it too. He’s at about a 1st or 2nd grade level in that.

He’s been going to “Mad Science”  after school once a week. There he’s learning about space–gravity, stars, asteroids and comets, rockets etc. He LOVES it! He’s also in soccer this session and is loving that too. He is getting better at it and has a lot of fun.

He loves to dance, be super silly, eat healthy food and plays pretty well with his sisters–until Kaia doesn’t do what he wants or “breaks the rules.”

He has a great memory and after reading something he often repeats it at random times–like a book he picked up at the book store last week. He just started saying things from it yesterday out of the blue.

Today he gave a talk in primary and it was great. His theme was about how the prophets in the scriptures are an example to our family. He mostly came up with it on his own after I asked him questions about what prophets he wanted to use–Jonah, Joseph Smith and Nephi were the final three. His reasons were definitely ones that I didn’t think of. His delivery was great too–engaging, clear, and well-spoken. He definitely has a talent for it.

I love my little guy and I’m so proud of the amazing boy he is–and growing into.

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