Water Fun

2014-05-27 10.37.45 2014-05-27 10.37.40 2014-05-27 10.37.35

Cambry loved playing at the splash pad at the local park. She liked standing on the spout.


2014-05-31 15.29.23

We went to a local festival with friends. The kids love Shayne. Though, while we were there we lost Kaia. We were all in one spot looking at something, and when we moved on, she stayed behind. We didn’t realize it for a few minutes because we were with other people and thought she was with them. When we didn’t see her with us, we figured she wandered to a nearby booth to look at something, but after a few minutes, I realized she really was missing. So, I went out and found security people who radioed her missing status. Luckily she’d been “left” right by the Will Call booth that was staffed by some nice women who saw her dancing alone and took her into the booth and played with her.

I’m somewhat hesitant to admit this, but I wasn’t seriously worried until I talked to the security officer. Maybe it’s where we live. Maybe I’m too trusting, But I really didn’t think anything bad had happened to her, and that she’d be fine. But, as time went on, I was starting to get a little panicked. Just glad she was safe, even if a little scared and sad.

2014-05-30 06.57.59

Oh, little Cam sleeping. She’s such an angel. Love her!


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