About Us

Hi! We’re the Reeders. In 7 years we’ve had 3 adorable children, 4 addresses and 4 different jobs. Currently we live in the San Francisco Bay area.

Mark is a web developer, who has a passion for electronic dance music and a real talent for making websites and programs come together. He’s been lucky enough to work with his two passions closely intertwined for most of his career.

I’m Kirsten, and lucky enough to stay home with our kids, and run a business in my “spare” time. Sprout Shell (a unique, multifunctional cover for infant carriers, nursing and shopping carts) was started when our first child was born, and has taught me a lot! I also love baking, travel, reading and teaching my kids all sorts of interesting things.

This blog is my record of our journey through life. Hope you enjoy!