How We Met

New Year's KissI grew up in Utah, Mark grew up in Maryland, but our meeting was inevitable. After graduation from college in May 2003 I wanted to move to Los Angeles where I had some friends and a possible job. If I had, we would have been in the same ward and I’m sure we would have met quickly. Instead, I moved to Bethesda, Maryland and took a job as a nanny, and worked as a news writer on side. I was called to Activities committee in the ward and when the New Year’s Eve Gala came around, I was helping out. (Luckily, I wasn’t working as a nanny that day.) When I walked in, I saw Mark who was helping decorate as well. My first thought was ‘Who is THAT? We have cute boys here now? Where did he come from?’ Well, no, we didn’t have cute boys in DC. He lived in LA, and was going to school at The Art Institute. We got talking and really hit it off. For the next couple of days, we just talked and helped each other to decorate for the party. I was sad that he wasn’t staying for the Gala–he already had plans to go back to Utah for New Year’s Eve. We kept in touch for a couple of months, but with us living on opposite coasts, we lost touch for almost a year. In November, he called after a graduation trip to England. I was excited to see him again. We went out, and it was great. By the end of the weekend, we decided that we wanted to date exclusively. He went back to Los Angeles, and we talked every day. In March I moved to Los Angeles as well, and we dated for about a year.