The Engagement

Our engagement day in Laguna BeachFebruary 4, 2006 was a foggy day in Southern California, but a great one for us! Mark took me down to Las Brisas, a restaurant right on the cliffs in Laguna Beach. We went there last Ferbruary when I came to visit. We had the breakfast–which is so good! Afterward we walked down to the beach and had to climb up some rocks, and down some rocks, until we got to a ‘cove’ we thought we found last year. It’s right by an intermitent waterfall, with a lot of green, hanging plants and a large, flat, slick rock. I thought our ‘cove’ was on the other side, so we stepped on the rock and started to slide! We ended up falling on our butts, getting all wet and sandy! We got back up and decided to stay where we were. We stood and watched the water–and each other–talking about our relationship over the past year and he told me how much he loves me and then said, ‘That’s why I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’ He got down on one knee, and with emotion in his voice said, ‘Will you marry me?’ as he held the ring up with both hands. I teared up and said ‘YES!’ He slipped the ring on my finger and we kissed. We stood on the beach for a little while talking and taking pictures, the we made our way back to the car. I figured it was coming because he’d said a couple of odd things over the past week, but he had me a little nervous because he didn’t have a ring box. That was smart thinking on his part! Then the calling began.