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Donde Viven Los Monstros

Britton was the “lead” in his class’s play based on Where the Wild Things Are. Since his class is Spanish, it was Donde Viven Los Monstros. It was pretty darn cute. He made a great Max! IMG_20140403_113318867_HDR IMG_20140403_111742876 IMG_20140403_111755223 IMG_20140403_112117599 IMG_20140403_112335928 IMG_20140403_112423804 IMG_20140403_112551681   I didn’t really get photos during the performance because I was videoing it. But, it’s really cute. Maybe one day I’ll post it here.


Easter and Craziness

Whew, it’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post and I’m only getting to it now because I know that if I don’t I might not for another week.

Brit’s first Easter that he was aware of was pretty fun. We had a bbq with friends the night before and he gathered some eggs. He loved shaking them because that’s what we do with the eggs at Music Makers.

To get into the Easter spirit Kristie and I made sugar cookies. Someone (her) was more creative and perfection seeking than I. But, here are my creations.

She is a real full-service salon. She came to me, made cookies while processing color and cutting. Too bad she’s moving across the country!

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We woke up Easter morning to this: Apparently the Easter Bunny likes Brit.

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First he had to inspect his goods…

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Then he realized he was excited about it. He really loved the bubbles and the eggs.

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This is his Easter outfit. It looked really cute on him. Thanks Shanni for the pants…his shorts were a little long.

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Brit and I enjoying a snuggle.

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We had a great day. Church was lovely and we had Jared and Kristie over for dinner. I even got flowers–pretty purple tulips. There was ham, cheesy potatoes, green beans, rolls, carrots and strawberry short cake for dessert. After a year and a half we have a new table configuration too–it’s perpendicular to the wall now just looks better.

Also on Easter Brit learned how to stand up by himself from the floor. He makes a slight Downward Dog, then lifts up. He’s getting really good at it now and walks really well. He still falls when he gets too excited or goes too fast, but has great core strength and balances well, even to pick things up.

He started giving kisses. They’re open-mouthed and slobbery, but it’s super cute. Today at church he pointed to the circle in his shape book when I asked him where the circle was. He loves his shape book, so maybe it’s rubbing off!

Something we’re not loving is that he likes to turn around and try to stand up in his high chair. So not cool. So, we’ve resorted to putting a pillow behind his back so he doesn’t have room to turn.

In other news, Sprout Shell was on last week (it’s a deal-a-day site) and they sold out pretty quickly, so we’re really excited about it. It also encouraged a lot of people to buy other designs from our site, so things are picking up. We won’t hear about the contest till the first of May…so we’ll keep you posted.

And, if that wasn’t busy enough, we’re looking into buying a condo in The Valley (seriously, I googled “The Valley” and that was the first entry). We’ve found a few options in our price range so far, so we could be moving soon. Mark’s commute time would triple, but his distance would quadrouple and he’d feel like he was actually getting somewhere instead of waiting at poorly-timed lights. So, we’ll see.

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A Lot to be Thankful For!

This week’s post is a little early, since we’re flying to Utah tonight for Thanksgiving. I figured I’d be busy tomorrow, and probably not get around to it.

Our life this past week hasn’t been too exciting. We’ve been getting more and more settled into our place. I actually cleaned out all of my Mary Kay products and “supplemental items” so we could figure out where Britt’s stuff is going to go. And, we finally got rid of our donation items–it’s a great feeling to be moving toward less clutter. Mark has taken to organizing his cds, dvds, videos and computer software, so it looks like our place has been taken over a bit, but he’s making progress so I’m trying very hard not to freak out.

We are very grateful for the innumerable blessings that we have. I asked Mark what he was thankful for, and the first thing he said was me. I am so thankful for him too. He is so supportive, helpful and patient with me. This morning as I was running around late for work, he made sure I brought all of the things I needed, but almost left behind. What would I do without him?

Our families who are so willing to help with anything we need and give advice and encouragement at any time.

The gospel–it is the focal point around which our lives turn. It gives our lives purpose, meaning, and goals to work toward; without it we would be lost.

We have great friends who are fun, helpful, encouraging and a great support. We know we can rely on them if we ever need anything.

It is also a great blessing that we were able to find a bigger apartment in a great area for a great price. The added space is really great, and we have fantastic neighbors. And, living in this place wouldn’t be possible without the great jobs that both of us have. Mark’s company would hardly be able to work without him, and I have really great bosses that make work a lot more fun.

Mark said he is thankful for talents, and that is one I had forgotten about. He has a lot of outward talents, like music, art and doing things with computers and technology. Mine are more hidden and I tend to overlook them, but I know they are there and I am thankful for them as well.

And, last, but definitely not least, we are grateful that we are on the road to parenthood. We’re thankful for Britt and look forward to his coming–seriously, we can hardly wait. I realized last night too that he is already a part of our lives–especially mine, and that I am already responsible for him and his well being. I guess since I don’t smoke, drink, eat sushi or anything like that I didn’t have to make major changes to make sure he was healthy. But, last night I was making cookies for a work party and kind of wanted to just eat the dough, or cooked cookies for dinner–I used to do this in college. Then I realized that cookies weren’t a good dinner for him and he’d be getting hungry, and needed the nutrients a healthy meal would bring. So, I made a real meal, because I’m already his mommy and he needs me. I guess I’ve been making these “healthy” meal choices since the beginning, but this is the first time it hit me so much.

So, Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh–and this week Britt is starting to get more fat on his body. He can also hear what we’re saying–so I’m trying to cut down on yelling at the stupid drivers LA has. He’s getting more muscle too, so his kicks are getting harder. He likes to move around at night–and Daddy can feel him too!

Sorry no photo–there aren’t really good ones for this week.

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Tree Killers

Ok…well, maybe they aren’t trees, but they are plants that provide oxygen and vegetation to the world…well, our apartment.
The problem is, we can’t seem to keep them alive. No matter how hard we try, they only last a few weeks…some of the more hardy ones a little longer. It started with our house warming party a year ago. We received our first plant, and was actually a rosemary tree, shaped like a sphere perched on top of a long thin trunk. We (I) were so excited. Following soon after, we adopted a pretty little cilantro plant…Unfortunately we went out of town and when we returned, they were both sickly. Cilantro never recovered. Rosemary struggled ahead, dying a slow death of one brown section at a time.

When my dad moved from Burbank last August, we inherited his three plants since they wouldn’t like Vail, Colorado in the winter. Through all these months, they thrived. The little ivy-like plant was green and healthy, and the other two (I have no idea what kind they are) were actually growing….Suddenly, one day the ivy-like plant was dead. It dried up over night and was a crispy brown. We almost had a funeral.

But, I was comforted by the fact that we had 1. Kept it alive for so long, and 2. That we had two others still going strong. With them doing so well, we though we’d add some color to our family and picked up a bright blue/purple Hydrangea plant.

That was two weeks ago. It was so happy at first, with sun and water at just the right amount of heat…it was even growing a second stalk! A sad bit of news threatened our plant happiness–one of the plants in the hallway was discovered to have decaying/brown leaves on the bottom! It’s a bit dark there, so we hadn’t noticed, especially since it’s a very dark green. We’ve moved it to the light of our kitchen in hopes that it will respond to that a bit better.

Dead HydrangeaAnd, now, the Hydrangea is all crumpled and curled. In the beginning, it would only get that way if it was very dry, now, it is just damp–not soggy–like the directions say. We’re keeping it in the sunniest part of our house….but to no avail. I’m afraid for our little plant.

My theory–our apartment gets TOO hot! Oven like…when we open the door in the evening, it’s stuffy and sticky. It’s all just too much for the vegetation. I really do have to water them every day, a lot, in order for them to not be dry.

So, since I love my plants and want them to live, we are giving them back to their rightful owner…this week we’re traveling up to see my dad and he is getting his plants back! We hope they will be able to survive the Vegas heat a little better….
Here’s to saving the planet!

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New Photos

Kirsten & MarkHey Everyone,

We’ve been busy getting our apartment put together. It has taken a lot longer than I thought. We haven’t had much time to work–just a few hours after work each night. We painted our living room a nice shade of light brown/tan. now, things have been put in a little bit of order.

We know you’ve been waiting a while, but we finally have some photos of the wedding up on the site. Just look in the “Gallery.” We will have many more soon–we hope. As soon as we get them from the photographer.

Hope you like them!

Love Kirsten and Mark


We’re home!

We just got back from our wonderful (although brief) wedding/honeymoon/3 days of flying. Our apartment is a bit of a disaster at the moment, but at least we’ve got our place together. Here’s a quick shot of the current state of our living room. We’ve got a lot of unpacking to do! Thank you so much for those of you who came to support us and those of you who couldn’t make it but showed your love in other ways – it means a lot to us! We’ll be sure to keep you updated and get some more pictures up soon. Love-

Kirsten & Mark Reeder

Wedding Gifts


We Found An Apartment!

Hey Everyone,

After a long and somewhat arduous search, we have settled on an apartment for our 1st year of marriage.

We sign the lease Friday and we’ll start moving in–probably all weekend!

It’s in a small building just inside Beverly Hills. The street is adorable and looks really nice. We have an upper corner apartment that has a lot of charm, with little nooks and built-ins that make it different from all the cookie cutter places we saw (seriously, 5 of them had the same layout). My other favorite feature is the closets–we have 5, big ones. That will come in handy for all of our stuff.

Now, we just have to work on getting packed and ready for the big day. We’re glad to have this big task taken off our list!

Thanks everyone who has left comments–we really like getting them.

Talk to you soon!

Love Kirsten and Mark

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