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Misc Utah Trip


Did I ever mention that my camera got ruined in Hawaii? Well, it did., so all I have is my phone. Not the best quality, but at least we can document.

Here’s more fun we had on our trip…

Visiting Bookdocks with cousin Kaylee. Britton always gets so excited at the mere mention of her it’s so cute. And we haven’t heard the end of Boondocks since either.

Kaia loved the carousel.

Then we went with Shaela and Ethan to the aquarium.

She liked the frog.

Shaela’s cat had kittens while we were there. Britton had fun holding them.

We visited the Mt Timponogos Temple too. They weren’t really happy about looking at me, but it was a nice little visit. Though, the one cool day we were there, so we didn’t stay too long.

Next up…horse back riding.



Here Fishy Fishy


Britton’s been wanting to go fishing for a while. So, my dad took him–us–to the Bountiful Pond.

We didn’t catch any fish, but there was lots of other fun going on.

duck feeding

Chasing ducks

eating grapes

Eating grapes


Playing with worms

He was just excited to have a pole and put it in the water. He’s excited to go again. Surprisingly Kaia liked it too–mostly just watching the ducks and sitting in the chair.

We’ll have to go again some day.



The Magical Kingdom

Britton and Stephanie

Britton and director Stephanie


In June Britton had a drama camp with Broadway by the Bay. He had a great time playing imaginative games, creating a play and making friends.

He also had to learn 2 songs: Whistle a Happy Tune from “The King and I” and My Favorite Things from “The Sound of Music.”

His learning style for music is listening over and over and then he’s got it. But he’s funny, because he pretends he can’t do things or doesn’t know things, but then when it really comes down to it he does.  Like with the songs–he’d make me sing them with him, but then one day we had him “perform” them for our friends and he did the whole thing with no help at all.

He said his favorite part was the singing and dancing.

One thing that Britton seems to have is that X Factor, Star Quality or whatever you want to call it that draws people to him. We don’t really know what it is, or why, so when people go on about him we just smile and nod.

I guess he’s got a fun personality? Anyway, his teachers just fell in love with him from the minute we walked in the door–literally. Maybe it’s the confidence he has in telling people his name and his energy. But one of them declared him her favorite kid ever after about 30 seconds. So funny.

There was another camp the same week with older kids and Britton’s group was the “opening act” for Winnie the Pooh. So, after the performances there were refreshments and one family said something to the effect of, “oh, you’re Britton’s family. Our daughter came home and said there was a boy in the younger class who was so cute that she almost cried when she looked at him.”

What? Really? It is just so unbelievable to me. I mean, I love him and think he’s the best ever, but other people still kill me.

Anyway, here’s his play.

Notice the part where he was sleeping and didn’t get up? Well, the day before at rehearsal he wouldn’t sleep because he “wasn’t tired!” So, we had a talk about pretending. Apparently he got the message a little too well.


Britton Boy turns 4!

Where has the time gone? I can hardly believe it’s been that long since my little guy arrived. I just love him so much. He’s such a sweet boy who cracks us up all the time.

He’s still little–barely 30 lbs and 37 inches. His foot is still a 7! His favorite color is usually green and he loves cheese, pb& j sandwiches and apples.

He likes to read. Right now his favorites are the Magic Tree House, but he’s still not confident enough to read them himself, so they’re our read together books. He reads everything whenever we’re out–signs, papers, menus, etc.

He’s kicking butt in his swimming class. In just a couple of months he’s gone from hating to put his face in the water to swimming with his arms outstretched and kicking about 10-15 feet with his face down. He loves going every week.

Right now he’s really into his friends. He’s made some good ones at school that he loves to play with. Though, he is now “out in the world” and has become more energetic, more into guns and shooting–not real ones, but you know how little boys can make ANYTHING into a gun. Well, he does. Or tries to anyway. It’s so not ok here.

We’re not sure what it is about him, but he’s a popular little guy. He’s got a few girls who are just crazy about him. One of them is pretty mature and imaginative and they’ve “gotten married” and “gone on a honeymoon” before. Luckily Britton thinks it’s when you go far away on a trip looking for honey to eat. Whew. He’s a hit with the boys too.  We love him and think he’s great and all, but don’t know why everyone else does so much. But it’s kind of always been this way. Maybe he just has some X factor.

Which  leads me into his other personality traits lately–performing, singing and being a total character. He can sing “Baby” by Justin Bieber all the way through without music, as well as “Dynomite” by Taio Cruz. He likes to make things up too and just sing. Plus, his memory is amazing! He remembers things that happened forever ago, and memorizes so many things.We’re thinking of getting him back with an agent since it seems to be a talent of his.

He loves Angry Birds, his cars and learning things. He wanted a calendar, so we made one with cool extras. He loves doing it every day and is upset if we forget.

He is sometimes a great brother to Kaia and share with her and play with her, but other times not so much. She loves to do everything he does and likes to take his toys. So, I get why he doesn’t love it. But, he still tries.

Apparently he likes to make sure that everything runs smoothly in primary. He’s a Sunbeam now and so they sit on the front row. Since he can read, he knows when things aren’t read the way they’re printed and lets them know. He also thought that Noah’s Ark was like the Boston Tea Party (we watched a cartoon about it a couple of months ago. I didn’t think he was paying attention at all.) It’s fun hearing the latest about him every week.

We love his fun personality and are so happy to have him in our family.




Angry Birds Rio Party

He was very adamant. It started with the cake. When I asked him what he wanted for his party he just mentioned the cake. Or, cakes. It was “an angry birds cake, an angry birds Rio cake and a rainforest cake.” I wasn’t too keen on that idea. Like, really? So, finally after lots of asking he narrowed it down to an Angry Birds Rio cake.

That became the theme to his party. I had a lot of fun making the invites and preparing the activities.

I got the idea for these invitations online, but mostly created the whole thing myself. I was really happy with how they turned out.

The Birthday Banner.

Making bird feeders. They had fun with this one.

They turned out really cute.

Next we made Angry Birds masks. They glued and put them together mostly on their own.

So cute! I love how well they turned out. They liked wearing them too.

Then we played pin the tail on the Angry Bird. Mark made a poster of the red one and the kids took turns putting his tail on. Almost all of them peeked–or tried to–when they got close. But, what do you expect from 4-year-olds.

For “snack” I tried to tie it into the Rio theme as well, so I made traditional Brazilian foods of garlic/onion rice and cheese buns. Then added black beans, tropical fruit (mango, papaya, pineapple) and oranges and strawberries.

It seemed to be a hit!

The kids were having so much fun together and got along really well. I left the guest list up to Britton. He got to invite or not invite whomever he wanted. Unfortunately two friends on the list live far away, but we’ll get together in a couple of weeks!

They kept asking when it would be present time, so we did that after the food. I’m all about opening presents at parties. The kids are so excited to see their friend open what they picked out for them, and it also teaches them important life lessons–waiting your turn, being polite, being gracious etc.

So, whomever brought the present he was opening got to sit by him and be in a picture together. Pics weren’t working out so well–apparently the lens got a smudge, but here’s what we’ve got.

He said “this song makes me happy” when listening to this. It’s the They Might Be Giants 123s

He’s fascinated with these cars, Automoblox. They’re fully interchangeable. He’s having lots of fun with them.

It’s a Hot Wheels Splash toy for the bath tub. We usually have to drag him in there. After the party he said, “mom, I’m dirty. I need a bath.” Because he wanted to play. Later that night we could barely get him out!

He’s in love with this thing. First, it’s Cars, second, it’s a plane. LOVE.

He loved ALL of the things he got. He really has great gift picking friends.

We sang Happy Birthday and he blew out the candles. It was cute. This is the  Angry Birds Rio Cake. The beach, city and rainforest. With some of the birds. The cake was Chocolate like he wanted–and it turned out soooo good! I got it here. We also used Marshmallow Fondant for the birds and to cover the cake.

I did the trees, fruit and frosting. Mark made all the birds and buildings. Good team effort.

Britton loved it and everyone was really impressed. And, even more impressive is the kids actually ate it!

These were the treat bags I made. They were for them to put their goodies they made, and also had a maraca and a string of beads for Rio’s Carnival.

I found the Angry Birds ribbon at the craft store and was excited about it!

Britton had a lot of fun with his friends, and they seemed to have a great time too. I’m so glad it turned out and everything went practically perfectly.

Happy 4th Birthday Britton! We love you!

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Britton’s AMC Q&A

So, the site Star-Kidz has a holiday Q&A where fans can submit questions and the stars answer.

Here’s Britton’s: Q&A

I just typed as he answered. What do you expect? He’s 3!

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Yay, school! Finally…

Britton has been saying he wants to go to school for months. I had to finally make a calendar that showed him all the months till it was time.

Unfortunately because of his show, he had to start two weeks late…so 4 school days. We went before we left and he met his teachers and just went right into the classroom and started looking around and playing with things. So, I knew he’d be just fine.

Ready to go!

The link below is a very short video of him just before we left. I don’t know why it didn’t embed it into the post, I’ll work on that. But, anyway, here it is:

Brit preschool

I know it cuts off weird, but the rest is me asking questions and him sort of answering and playing with his bag.

And, he LOVES it by the way. His favorite part is the “Question of the day.” So far they ask if they’re wearing a specific color.


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The end of an era

After more than 40 years on the air, All My Children is ending its over the air run on September 23rd. It has played a major part in the lives of millions of people and will be greatly missed.

After a year and a half, Britton’s run on the show has also come to an end. He has made many great friends, made many fun memories and is sad that it’s over (well, maybe me more than him).

The last couple days of shooting were a lot of fun because he was with all of the other kids and they always take care of him and play with him.

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The Kids

Powered By SmugWP

Britton and his buddy

Powered By SmugWP

Favorite teacher Dana

Powered By SmugWP

Britton with his "grandma Erica"

Powered By SmugWP

B with friend Nichole

After the shooting wrapped and they got a cast photo, the next day was the AMC Wrap Party. It was fun to go out with Britton and spend time with him. Plus, we enjoyed getting out and doing something “adult” as well. Kaia was with my mom and was reportedly an angel.

It was at the:

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in Hollywood.

Powered By SmugWP

Amazing cake made by a fan

Powered By SmugWP

Britton with his friends

Powered By SmugWP

Drai's rooftop

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B and stage manager Michelle

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M, B with his fan Bob (casting director) and assistant

Powered By SmugWP

Making crazy faces with "Aunt Bianca"

Powered By SmugWP

B with his "two" mommies

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Playing and colliding with T and J

Powered By SmugWP

Getting a good view

Powered By SmugWP

Elizabeth, Ellah, B and Mark

There was a video that they had a hard time getting to work, but it was behind the scenes photos, videos with the cast and crew, clips from the show etc. They had a part in there from this week where they took “family photos” but also videoed and there was Britton in the front saying “Oh, they’re taking pictures.” It was so cute. I hope we can get a copy of it, because there were supposedly more pictures of the kids too.

We had a really fun night visiting with people and saying “see ya later.” Britton liked playing with the kids and getting passed around by his friends. Everyone will be missed! But, we do look forward to keeping in touch and seeing them again.

Farewell AMC!



BFFs and some family time

One of the reasons I don’t mind our trips to Cali is that B and I get to see our friends and family that we miss terribly.

After the AMC Kids event, we had an all too short visit with our first besties, Mav and Paige. I also got to see their super cute new guy Tuck.

B and Mav

We all had a great time, and the hours flew by quickly. I’m bummed I didn’t get a pic of Paige or the baby, but I hope to next time. When asked who his friends are, Britton always says “Maverick and Paige and Max.” Sometimes Paige even comes first.

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There’s a pool at my mom’s place and we spent a lot of time there. There is a 2 foot section, so B could “swim” by himself, and Chez helped too. Kaia LOVES the water. On the first day I saw a girl giving her baby swimming lessons (she’s a real instructor) and so over the next few visits she gave me pointers. Kaia was always happy to put her face in the water or go onto her back. Like, so excited about it. I’ve got to get her into lessons here. And Britton liked to pretend he was swimming too.

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Just don’t try getting him to do a back float or really go under.

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Grandma Sheri even got to come one afternoon. Britton even got her to go in the water!

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On our last day in town our other besties Max, Eden and Linda came for a swim. The boys had a blast playing together, and eating sandwiches.

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Kaia and Eden had fun together too. They’re just under 2 months apart. Such cute girls! We were sad when they had to go home.

We got B’s next shooting dates, and they were just far enough away that we decided to go home, and fly back. So, the next day we headed out. The drive went pretty well. We got to stop at Angie’s again for a little fun and food. Britton wasn’t too happy when we had to leave.

Then at Shaela’s the dogs were happy to see them…and I think vice versa. Kaia wasn’t as afraid of them as before. We’ve discovered that Kaia has a thing for men. She likes them a lot better than women for sure. She’s always gone to Greg easily, but she’s been around him since she was born. Sometimes she likes Grandma, but I usually have to be nearby. At Shae’s she wasn’t too keen on going to her, but she went to Ethan right away and was just fine. Silly girl.

The next day we visited with my grandparents. GiGi and Gpapa to the kids. Grandpa indulged Britton with some ball throwing, and they played with the toys.

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The little crawler came up for her close up.

Powered By SmugWPPowered By SmugWP

Kaia with GiGi and GPapa. She went to him right away too.

Later we went to Cassie’s and played with her and Kaylee for a while. We got snow cones. I was so excited. I love them so much, but we don’t have any around here that I’ve seen. They’re very hard to find in LA too.

They are sharing a small. That’s right, each has HALF of a small. And B almost ate the whole thing. Not that I blame him. The Pina Colada was delicious. I stuck to my usual of Tiger’s Blood, Raspberry and Watermelon. Sooo yummy! Then we headed back to Cassie’s house and the kids played while I went through some of Kay’s clothes for Kaia.

She decided to help. A mighty cute baby in a box for sure.  Not so helpful though. She did continue her love of guys though. When Jeremy came home she was really excited, even though she’s seen him like once before. Apparently he was hilarious.

The next day we had a “normal” morning, then went riding in the afternoon.

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Our Hayseed. He looks like a natural up on the hay.

Powered By SmugWP

He even took over the reigns on Star. He learned the “kiss kiss” and “woah” plus a little turning I think.

Powered By SmugWP

Kaia’s first ride. She had fun for a while, and did good on a trip around. But then she saw me again and it was all over. Bummer.

Then we got more snow cones near Shae’s house. They weren’t as big, but just as delicious. Grandpa Jim came to visit too. Since he didn’t have a nap, Britton fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner…he slept the whole time!

We had a nice trip this time. It was fun seeing everyone…it’s been a few months. Kaia has changed a lot, and is much more mobile, so it was a bit of a challenge keeping her out of things,


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AMC Fan Weekend

The fans of All My Children descended on “The Valley” a couple of weeks ago for their chance to meet the stars of their favorite Soap. Happy for us, we were already in town for a few other things, so we didn’t have to make a special trip. Britton (and Kaia and Chez and I) went to two events, of several, and had a great time!

The first one was “Scoops with AMC Kids” where the kids on the show along with their tv moms came and ate ice cream with the fans. Britton was a little intimidated at first, but had fun playing with his friends and meeting people.


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Kaia and Chez ready to party

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B and Jake just hanging out

Powered By SmugWP

This is the room before the ice cream…

Powered By SmugWP

Britton and Jake got into a wrestling match on the floor

Powered By SmugWPPowered By SmugWP

During the raffle, Britton thought he’d help too, so he climbed up next to Danielle to read tickets. It was a fun event for the kids.

The next day was the “Main Event” with a lot of the cast members and a whole ball room full of people.

Powered By SmugWP

Britton being nice to Kaia before all the craziness.

She thought she’d try taking his face off. Then the next second there were kisses, so they’re friends.

Powered By SmugWP

Hanging out with new buddy Tate

Powered By SmugWP

All the kids just playing around

Powered By SmugWP

Kaia and one of her fans, the gorgeous and super nice Stephanie  Gatschet.

Powered By SmugWP

Britton being introduced to the crowd with Tate

Powered By SmugWP

Host and MC, JR Martinez. Super nice guy. Kaia LOVED him and wouldn’t let go of his finger when he walked by and said hi to her before the event. Oh, and that’s Britton by him. He was a little scared to go up on the stage and needed a hug from me. But, his “aunt” Bianca took care of him.

That’s him in the back row on the far right. Hunched over, asleep. Don’t worry, he woke up at the end.

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Mommy Kendall's entrance


Powered By SmugWP

Signing autographs. He does most of the writing himself. I just “steady” his hand a bit.

Powered By SmugWP

B with Mommy Kendall. She is so great too. He LOVES her!

Powered By SmugWP

As we were leaving he thought these chairs would be fun to sit in.

I think he had a lot of fun. We’ll see what happens over the next year!



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