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I love to see the temple…

Last weekend we had Stake Conference, so the primary planned an activity to tour the temple. The grounds really, since the kids can’t go inside. But there was a lot to see and learn. Though Britton is not technically in primary since he’s still in nursery, we went anyway. Mark’s a teacher too, so we figured that counted as well.

Miss Kaia was supposed to sleep most of the time, but true to her nature she couldn’t miss a thing and woke up just after we got there…and lugged her in her baby carrier to the meeting place. Sigh.

Anyway, Britton had fun looking at Angel Moroni and his trumpet, and studying all the rocks and trees. But, the best part was the end when the tour guide had the children touch the temple.

Touching the temple

The tour guide said it is something President Monson did with his granddaughter to help her get a sense of reverence and love for the temple, because once you touch it, it touches you.

It’s true.

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Mother’s Day, every day

I know I’m not overly (ok, much at all) sentimental in my writing here, or anywhere else. I tend to write the facts and a bit how we felt about it and that’s all. But, since getting married and giving up my daily journal writing I really want to get better about sharing things here or else they won’t get shared at all.

So, I am writing for myself how I feel about being a mom and Mother’s Day etc.

I love being a mom. Some days I wonder how I got where I am, because in my head I’m not as old as the calendar says I am, and I don’t feel as mature as I assume a mom should be, or it’s not what I pictured it would be like or something. But, I am very thankful that I am here and where I am and that I have my two wonderful angels. I have been very very lucky in the fact that I had no trouble conceiving or carrying them. I have so many good friends who longed to be mothers for a very long time before they got their dream.

Sometimes it’s very tiring–like when Kaia wakes up every hour at night–but all that is outweighed by the hugs, grins, kisses and laughter that they bring to my life.

I am thankful for my sweet, angel Britton who is so funny and smart and enthusiastic about everything. He is growing into being three with all that implies, but he still has a sweet heart and tries so hard to be good. So, on his off days when there are meltdowns and outright disobedience I really try hard not to get mad and frustrated with him because I know he’s just little. But sometimes I fail. The best part is that he’s so forgiving and 5 seconds later he’s giving me a hug and a kiss and telling me “I need to talk to you,” or “I need to snuggle you.” Though, lately he gets annoyed and acts all put out. “Ugh (BIG sigh), well, I want to…” then he does it again 2 seconds later. Apparently I am exasperating. I’m constantly amazed at how much he knows and picks up on and I know I have a very special guy on my hands that I get to take care of and nurture and help grow.  And not just with the healthy foods that he tells me he needs to eat.

Britton and Addie, good friends

Sorry it’s blurry, we were all walking.

Then there is my sweet Kaia. She is so drastically different than her brother. Very sweet and smiley, but she definitely knows what she wants and is determined she will get it. Sometimes I think she is an old soul who is just trying to figure out this body thing so she can get on with more important things like figuring out the universe. She always wants attention and has to be in sight of me at all times. Even though it’s a big adjustment from Britton who liked doing his own thing, and kind of a pain, it does make me feel good that she loves her mommy so much and  wants me to be with her. Though, unless she’s very tired she isn’t cuddly, so that’s a little disappointing. But I love smelling her little baby hair and getting all the snuggles and kisses I can. I don’t get a lot of things done when she’s not sleeping because she likes me next to her, but I try to relish it.

Me and sweet Kaia

It seems lately that a lot of people my age have been losing their children, or have passed away themselves leaving children behind. I’m sure that it isn’t any more than normal, but in this blogging world their stories are getting a wider audience. I just learned today that a friend from high school lost her 2 month old baby a year ago ( I think the same day I found out I was pregnant with Kaia) to Whooping Cough. So sad! We’ve had that here this year and I didn’t realize how big of a deal it is. I am making my appointment for my booster shot asap.

Anyway, it’s made me realize that things can change at any time and not to take things for granted. I want to just savor each moment the most that I can. I want to play and teach and do activities with the kids as much as I can because I know that it’s the most important thing.

My Mother’s Day this year was just me and the kids. Mark had a work conference in SF, CA. But honestly, I didn’t mind. As much as I LOVE help and to be pampered, I wouldn’t want to “take the day off” from being a mom, because it’s my favorite thing. Don’t get me wrong–nap time is cherished here, and I will cry when it’s over, but I love when they wake up too.

Anyway, this is super long, but…oh, i’m getting a Kaia kiss…I wanted to get this written down so I and everyone will know how much I love my little ones and how privileged I feel to be their mom.

Also–I want to tell my mom how much I appreciate her. She is so giving of her time she often has no time for herself. She is always there to listen and help with whatever is needed. I’m lucky to have her.

My mom with the kids

She adores these guys and I still get guilt trips for moving…even though she sees us more since we moved than she did when we lived there. Thanks mom. We feel loved.

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Easter 2011

creative title, I know. But, we were pretty low-key this year and didn’t do much. There was a city egg hunt last week that we went to. It was pretty crazy with hundreds of people and about that many kids converging on a field all at the same time! Brit liked getting his eggs though.

I tried to help Britton learn the meaning of the holiday, but I’m not quite sure how well that went. Easter morning:

He liked his basket.

and finding his eggs and putting them in his basket.

Kaia liked her basket too.

Kaia before church. So stinkin’ cute!

He likes her now. I love this picture!

We had dinner with our friends. The food was great and the kids loved playing together. I am so thankful for Easter and the Resurrection and the promise that we have to live again after we die.


Utah and friends

so, like a month ago we drove back from California and stayed with my sister in Utah for a few days. As the slacker that I am, I’m just getting to it…

We stopped at my good friend Angie’s house. She used to live in Cedar City, so we’d stop on our drive. She’s now in Sandy, so it was fun to see her new place (though, they’re moving back now, so yay!)

Lexie and Britton are about 5 months apart.

This one is a bit blurry, but I had to include one of Angie and me, so here ya go. Thanks Chez for taking the picture.

The kids with their GiGi, my grandma. They love playing at her house. She still has lots of toys that I played with when I was little. And visiting is always fun.

At cousin Kaylee’s house. She had lots of fun holding Kaia. She’s a good little helper. It was good to see my cousin Cassie and her husband too.

Yes, all this was in one day. Needless to say, as soon as we got in the car Britton and Kaia were completely out. It was fun though. I love seeing friends, but even with jam-packed days, I still didn’t see many people. I need a longer trip.

I saw my good friend Charlene too, and her new baby Andrea who is so sweet, and we had a great visit. I can’t find pictures from it though, so if I didn’t get one, sorry Char! I love you too!

We celebrated Britton’s birthday with my sister and Dad, so he became Cowboy Brit.

In the gear

Ride ‘em cowboy!

He’s like a pro!

Kai Kai and Aunt Shaela.

We had a really good time. Thanks for taking the day off to spend with us Shae. Hope to see you soon!

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Happy Birthday Britton!

Wow, I can’t believe he’s 3 already! Where has the time gone?

A week or so before his birthday we were watching a video of an Angry Birds cake online that a dad made for his kid. Britton saw it and that’s what he wanted. He was sure. For the next week, whenever we mentioned his birthday he said “yeah, and I’m going to have a birthday cake. An Angry Birds cake.” So

We weren’t quite sure how we were going to do it, or when (things have been a little crazy around our place) but we knew we had to do it. I found a recipe for marshmallow fondant online and we set to work.

angry birds cake

Mark is a sculpting genius. I made the shapes, he did all the details. Like, seriously?! He could get paid for it. And he’d probably charge less than the $100 than someone charges on Etsy.

Isn’t it cute! We were really happy with how it turned out. Not quite to scale, but had all the pieces  we wanted. Britton loved it!

We had a few friends over for cake. They were pretty impressed.

Happy Birthday to you!

He’s angry.

More from his actual birthday later…and what he’s up to these days.

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Kaia met her “friend” Sophia last month. They’re born a few weeks apart. Sophia’s mom was my roommate when I first moved to LA.

Cute little girls!

Best buddy Mav’s birthday. The balloons were a hit!

B and his buddy Max outside the aquarium

AMC Kids

AMC friends. So cute, huh?!

We love our friends, and are happy that we can come visit them often!


The wonder of snow

A while ago Britton said he wanted to play in the snow and make a snowman and a snowball. There wasn’t a flake in sight. So, I told him he could make them when it snowed again. His wish came true a couple of days ago when flakes began falling in the afternoon. He was very excited to see it outside the window.

We dressed him up in all his gear and out he went. Kaia and I stayed nice and warm inside. Oh the joy!

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Running around the balcony making footprints. He’s really into that lately.

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So much fun!

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After coming inside he snuggled up on the couch to get warm. I left him all tucked in. Next thing I know he’s laying down on the pillow “resting” he said.


Happy Halloween…I guess?

The 30th was a busy day, and because of lack of planning on my part, things weren’t going how I wanted them to.

I HAD to make sugar cookies. It’s just a thing with me. Holidays get them, and they had to be done. They took a while. Britton liked it for a minute, but then couldn’t have cared less. Mark’s contacts were bothering him so he had a headache and it was nearing dinner time.

I missed you Kristie! I missed you Paige!

End result:

I can’t believe I don’t have a pumpkin cookie cutter. I’m half convinced that I lost it, because it’s really weird that I would have just realized that this year.

Had we done our pumpkins yet? Nope. I was annoyed since we wouldn’t have time after dinner because it was time for the trunk or treat. Oh well, I figured I could be a grown up about it and not sulk too much.

As we were about to leave I was finishing up getting Kaia ready and then I heard a crash and Brit screaming. Somehow–we still don’t know–he fell in the hallway (didn’t have socks on, and no toys were around). He had a bloody nose–his first–and then we found blood in his mouth too.

Quickly it puffed up to this:

Poor little guy. He was really good and let me put ice on it. We asked him if he still wanted to go and get candy, and at first it was yes, but then a no.

So, we ended up staying home and doing this:

Britton told Mark what to do…triangle eyes, rectangle nose, mouth with teeth in the top.

Kaia watched. She didn’t really give much of an opinion.

So, in the end we did get the pumpkins carved. I was a little bummed we didn’t get to go to the trunk or treat, but it was good to stay home with our “injured” boy.

I guess that’s part of being a parent …I don’t always get to do the fun thing, even though the fun part would’ve been seeing Brit in his costume and getting to trick or treat.

The next day we let him go out a little bit since he missed out yesterday.

The pumpkins, and our little kangaroo. He’s ready to go!

knocking doors. Will they have candy? That was the question we had pretty much every house we went to. I was really excited to be out of LA this year and get some trick or treaters are our place, but I guess we picked the wrong place to live.

As we went out, there wasn’t ANYONE. We just went in our complex, and our immediate neighbors did have candy, but we quickly learned that no one ever came. We were the first trick or treaters one lady had in 6 years!

But, Britton had fun just knocking and asking, so it was ok.

He liked to show off his hopping too.

I really just wanted to get a picture of his tail.

I carried Kaia around in her sling, and one of our neighbors noted that we were both kangaroos this year. I had not even thought of that. I guess I did have a costume this year after tall. (Since I’m pretty sure this is the first year I haven’t had a costume of any sort, I liked that idea.)

Me and my Joey

I promise her head wasn’t that weird most of the time, and it kind of looks worse than it was.

Britton had so much fun, and could hardly wait to have some of his candy. We spent the rest of the night watching Beauty and the Beast. He liked that too.

In the end, it turned out to be quite a nice holiday, and we got to do everything we wanted. Yes!


Trick or treat street

We made it back to Denver with just enough time to get some dinner and get the kids’ costumes on before heading over to “trick or treat street” in Olde Town Arvada.
It was super crowded with kids and parents roaming the streets and going into all the stores for their piece of candy.

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He had a lot of fun with Mark getting candy in his pumpkin basket. Though I think he was a little overwhelmed at times.
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Kaia slept almost the whole time. I was a little bummed that her costume was covered up, but once she did wake up I got her out of her seat and people thought she looked so cute. And little. Powered By SmugWP

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People kept commenting on Britton’s kangaroo costume. They thought it was super cute.
It was really fun having a place to go and get to see more of the businesses they have there. I love the Olde Town section. Golden, which is about 15 minutes away has a good one too.
Anyway, it was fun seeing Brit enjoy jumping like a kangaroo and have a good time…
More festivities tomorrow.

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What you talkin’ about?

That’s one of Britton’s favorite sayings these days. Today we’re talking about why I keep talking about being back in LA. Some have asked, others already know…but since we’re not really sure who knows and who doesn’t at this point, I figured I’d just get it out there.

Britton is in a tv show. He plays Ian on All My Children. Mark just asked if this post was hard for me to write…yes it is. Don’t get me wrong, we’re very proud of him, but I’m not really into bragging about it.

He got the role back in March just before his birthday. He has had an agent since he was about 9 months old, but has only done 3 things…including this. First was his movie Growth–which is out now by the way–the pilot of Cougartown, and AMC. He got the role primarily because he looked like the boy they cast as his older brother. They brought him in, the casting director had him follow a few simple directions and thought he was really cute, so he was hired.

We had just 2 shoot dates then…one on his Birthday. Then the next one wasn’t until July! He didn’t do so well for the 2nd two. He was tired since they don’t really work with nap times, and didn’t know these people so he got a bit whiny and cried. He didn’t make the shots.

Then we moved. We figured it would stay about the same, so we would just had a few trips here and there back to LA and visit people. But no, he suddenly had TONS of shoot dates. We knew about the first couple well in advance. September 22nd. That’s why we were really hoping Kaia would come early so that she’d be a little older before we had to get back to LA.

Why didn’t we quit? I mean, we never planned on this being a career for him. It was just something for fun while we lived there. I was happy he didn’t get lots of auditions and work. I didn’t have time for that. But, we’d just paid big bucks to get him in the union (required) and so he hadn’t even started building up his college fund yet.

So, anyway, we went to LA thinking it would be for a month. But it’s now pushed to the end of November. There have been 1-3 shoot dates a week, and they change a lot, so we have only had a couple of chances to come home. Luckily we’ve been able to stay with family, and my mom has been able to take him (and I’ve come too, most of the time) to the set. He makes sure he does what he needs to do and he acts a lot better for her than for me anyway. We couldn’t have done it without her.

It’s been rough, especially since Kaia’s so new and Mark hasn’t been able to see her much. And, it’s hard not being at your own house for so long–even though our hosts are amazing. But, we’ll see how it goes till the end of the year, and after that we’ll have to see.

So, there it is–way longer than I planned. If anyone wants to know when his episodes will air let me know.

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