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Cam Does Funny Things

2014-08-07 13.02.41

She LOVES books!

2014-08-06 17.56.07

She’s a silly sleeper.

2014-07-30 17.51.36

She also loves letters!

2014-07-30 17.51.03


2014-08-25 17.28.41

Playing at the park is fun!


2014-08-11 20.10.44

Her first ponytail! It was soooo cute!



2014-08-11 19.09.47

She thinks she super funny when she climbs on the table.



We couldn’t be happier to have her in our family. She’s a delight every day and makes everyone smile.



Silly Girl

2014-07-16 14.44.22

2014-07-15 16.34.15  2014-06-13 13.28.25




Princess Cambry is 1!

One year ago our sweet angel Cambry was born.


She is such a fun, sparkly little joy of a girl. She didn’t crawl until 11 months, but she’s pretty close to walking already.

She talks and babbles constantly. She says: dat (that), yeah, dis (this), mama, dada, buh-by (with the cutest little wave), huh (hi)

She’s very smart and understands most of what we tell her, and follows commands like come here, lay down, no, sit down, etc.

She’s pretty sure she’s a big girl and can do what the other kids do. She hates to be left out. Her sippy cup makes her ridiculously happy. She grins while kicking her legs and waving her arms. The does the same thing for her teething tablets. She currently has 9 teeth, 3 on the bottom, 4 in the front top and two on the top sides. They came in without me knowing because they were farther back. She’s super snuggly–when she wants to be–but likes to go her own way when she’s feeling independent. She loves her brother and sister. They make her laugh on a regular basis, and love to play with her and make her happy.

She’s a delight to everyone. They say her eyes are so beautiful and amazing. Strangers often stop us to exclaim how beautiful she is. Cam is definitely a chunk. She weighs like 4 pounds more than the other kids at her age. Her face is perfectly round and chubby.

She likes taking things out of containers and putting them back, and can now open my laptop all by herself. So, it’s not safe anywhere.

She loves to “read” but only books with pages. Apparently she thinks board books are for babies. She’s very strong, and can stand well, until she thinks about it. She loves to drop backward from our arms and go upside down, often flinging herself back without warning, so we have to stay prepared.

Favorite foods include eggs, grapes, apples, tomatoes, chicken, beans, yogurt, bread, and cheese.



Giant Baby

It’s official. My baby girl is giant. We went to her 6 month check up today and she’s nearly 18 lbs! She was 7.11 at birth, so bigger than her siblings, but they both weighed this much at like a year.

She’s in the 80% for weight and 40% for height. And those thighs! They’re just roly poly. But, one of my favorite things about her are her squeezable chubby cheeks!

I know this is blurry, but she just wouldn’t hold still, and I HAD to get this.

IMAG1241-1-1 IMAG1246 IMAG1249


I’m not usually a hat person, but this is just so stinkin’ cute she may have to wear it every day!

Happy Half Birthday Baby Girl!


Four Months and Counting

It’s been a while since I’ve written any updates about Cam in a while. I mean, her blessing and all. But she’s growing up so fast! And I have been terrible about keeping up with writing about her. She is a pure delight! I mean, just look at this face!


At her 4 month appointment she weighed JUST under 15 pounds. She still has a tiny head compared to her body too. Sometimes she looks like a little body builder.

She loves standing up–with help of course, and always wants to be involved with everything. She hates to be left where she thinks she’s alone, but she does play by herself too. She’s getting really good with her hands. She can pick up her binky by herself and most of her toys. She also reaches for things that I’m holding–so I really have to watch out!

She’s ticklish, and I love hearing her laugh! She also started a cute thing recently where she sticks her tongue out constantly. Like, half in, half out. It’s so funny to watch.

Oh, and the drooling is constant! I think she’s definitely teething already. Sometimes she’s soooo fussy till I give her a teething tablet, then she’s my smiley, happy girl again.

She is adored by her brother and sister who are CONSTANTLY  talking to her and loving on her.

cam on tummy

She’s getting better on her tummy. Though she has only rolled over once, she pushes up really well and looks like she’s going to roll over a lot. Whenever I change her diaper she reaches for her feet–ok, most of the time she’s on her back she does it. Then makes this little squeal sound.

Oh–and she’s had a few tastes of food. I gave her a little banana, though it wasn’t mashed up super well, so she spit most of it out. Then she had peaches and seemed to really like those. But, it did give her a little bum rash. I got her some avocado too. She really liked that too.

I keep meaning to get her some wheat or barley but never quite make it to that aisle at the store.

She’s still not sleeping super well at night. Sometimes I think it’s worse than when she was a newborn. Especially in the later morning hours. She fusses, or lays awake or is just a bug and we don’t sleep well. That’s really the biggest issue we have.

But, I love this little girl so much! She just brings a smile to everyone’s face. And those bright blue eyes and long lashes just make you melt! I just love to squeeze her and rock her and kiss her little face. Oh–and try to get her to laugh some more, ’cause that sound is the best in the world.


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Being So Blessed

Our darling little Cambry received her blessing on July 14, 2013 by her father.

We decided (finally) that we’d just do it in our home ward when we had Chezney in town to take on the role of our whole family. Things were a little hectic in the morning and we barely made it on time. Getting 6 people ready and out the door before 9 is no easy task.

It was a lovely blessing. Mark, Paul Weitzel, Tom Haymore and Brandon Salmon were in the circle. She was an angel during it and looked beautiful. We’re pretty sure they forgot we were doing it because they moved on to the sacrament before doing it. So I had Mark go up to the stand and let them know. They said they’d do it after the sacrament. That’s definitely not standard procedure. Funny thing was, I was really nervous about that happening since they did that to someone else a while ago.

But, we worked it out and she received her official “name” as Cambry Ann Reeder. Afterward we had a luncheon at our house for friends.

IMG_9227 Fuse

Our new family photo.

Cambry wore Kaia’s dress and shoes, but fit it much better, since she was a lot older. I was happy that we got to use it again.

We decorated with pink paper pom poms, pink stars and pink and white dishes and decorations.   We had pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, fruit and veggies and potato salad. It was yummy!


IMG_0922 - Copy

IMG_0926 - Copy


Sweet baby girl was an angel!


Friends hanging out…


IMG_0918 - Copy


Fun girl friends, Angelica, Ana, Wendy and Wendy



Aunt Chezney with me and big-eyed Cambry

IMG_0929 - Copy



Nina, me and Cam

It was a great afternoon. I’m so thankful for our friends and their love and support. And I’m glad my sister could be there to share it with us too. She’s the only one in our family who’s now been to all three =)



Our life lately…

Kaia has some CRAZY hair sometimes. Here it’s sticking up on 3 sides of her head.

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Angry Bird

Britton made this Angry Bird all by himself, from memory. He cut and glued it together.

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Kaia with her friend Donald, walking arm in arm. It was soooo cute!

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She has a hard time not kissing her sister ALL DAY!

And, I needed some pictures of the kids, so shot these this afternoon.



Can’t believe how grown up my little boy has gotten. He’s such a sweet, loving guy.



My silly girl. So smiley, dramatic and mischievous. Loves to help out with Cambry and just about everything else too.


B and his friend.



What can I say. She’s our little doll face. Long eyelashes, blue eyes and an adorable smile. Love her to pieces!

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Our Camby Lamby

Has it really been 5 weeks already?! I’m pretty sure May didn’t exist this year. Seriously, I told Britton the other day that it wasn’t May yet. It was like the 29th.

Anyway, we’re doing pretty well. It is a lot different from having 3, that’s for sure. But, we’re a lot less busy than we were when Kaia was a newborn, so to me it’s not horrible. The hardest part is that Kaia still loves her too much and is too rough–gets RIGHT in her face and yells, or SHAKES the bouncer. Sigh. But, she does love her too. Always wants to hold her and see her. Britton thinks she’s super cute.

She’s started smiling. We haven’t gotten a picture yet, but it’s really cute. She’s done it almost since she was born, but usually when going to sleep. But, now it’s for real. When we talk to her and smile at her. She’s started losing her hair on top. I’m really disturbed about it. But, it’s also growing, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Oh–and she got giant! At her 1 month appointment she was 9 lbs 8 oz!  So, she’s not having a problem eating. But, she does have a bit of reflux, so I think she likes to eat a lot to make herself feel better.

She loves to sleep with her hands up by her head. Always at least one. She really likes to be held to sleep. Still. Like, I’ll put her down–asleep–an she wakes up 10 minutes later. But if I hold her, she’ll sleep for 3-4 hours straight. Cam is really good at holding her head up. She pokes around like a little turtle, and she doesn’t cry if I put her on her tummy. She just sticks her head up and looks around.

2013-05-22 11.47.17 2013-05-31 16.58.08

Her sister really loves her. And sometimes Cambry likes her too…just not right now.

2013-05-31 17.41.07 2013-06-01 07.23.54 2013-06-02 19.07.15

Looking around on our walk

2013-06-02 21.17.48

Arms up!

2013-05-26 19.08.53

Little smile

2013-05-27 10.14.40 2013-05-30 08.01.08

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