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Happy Father’s Day!

There’s lots of Daddy love in our house. He’s a special, fun guy. Cambry couldn’t wait for him to read her all of his presents. She thought they were for her.

2014-06-15 08.11.05 2014-06-15 08.07.56 2014-06-15 08.07.54

Britton could hardly wait for him to open the present he made at school.   2014-06-15 08.04.29 2014-06-15 08.04.44

A portrait of him!



We’re so lucky to have him in our lives! He’s so much fun, loving and we couldn’t ask for anyone better.





We had a lovely Easter this year. It was later than usual, but I still felt it came up fast. Between Britton’s birthday, play and prepping for Cam’s birthday, I didn’t get to all of the things that I usually like to.

But, the kids did get small baskets with gifts mostly reminding them of the real meaning of Easter, which is what I wanted.

The pictures are in reverse order.

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A Beautiful Christmas

I can hardly believe Christmas is nearly over…just 2 hours left here. It came so quickly this year. I keep saying “I just need one more week, then it can come.” But, unfortunately that’s not how it works.

It’s been quite a rush this year and we didn’t get to many things I wanted to. And, some of the ones we did weren’t really enjoyed. They were more hurried and had the feeling of “ok, we have to do this” instead of doing it for the fun and togetherness.

Every night instead of nicely reading Christmas stories and reading scriptures about the Savior’s birth, there is running around, craziness and fighting. I put the kids to bed quickly because it’s so much easier–and I can tell by their behavior that they’re tired and totally ready for it. But then I’m sad we didn’t get to do more.

Finally though, a few days ago the craziness slowed to a trickle and I felt like I could actually sit down without feeling the pull of something else that had to get done RIGHT NOW. And we had a couple of days to be slower and do more story reading.

And our Christmas ended up being wonderful. Two of 3 children slept until 7. The third until 7:30. We had a nice, calm–though excited–present opening time. With every one they wanted to stop and play with the new item instead of opening others.


Waiting for Kaia

They were probably least excited about their new bunk beds, but we were, so that’s the important thing. Though, tonight as they went to bed they were pretty excited about it. We’ll see how the night does. Cambry was also excited to sleep in a crib for the first time. Yay! She’s finally out of the pack n play! Poor child, nearly 8 months old and is just now getting a crib. As she was laying there she kept kicking her legs and laughing. So, we think that’s a good sign.

IMG_20131225_090736401_HDR IMG_20131225_083315621 IMG_20131225_081932700 IMG_20131225_080632240 IMG_20131225_074435935 IMG_20131225_101809547_HDR IMG_20131225_125948463

They played with their toys and things all day. Kaia wanted to watch her new movie. Britton played with Angry Birds launchers and Skylanders. Cam liked biting and sucking on her blocks.

We the kids got way more presents than they needed or knew what to do with. Our living room was a total disaster (I seriously had to just close my eyes sometimes to reduce the anxiety.) 

Mark set up the beds, we completely rearranged their room. I love it so much more. I also finally got the toy room cleaned–just in time for Karen to come.


I feel like we lost the reason for celebrating Christmas, though we did a lot of that last night, and we were together. But, like every other day, this one went by so fast.

I’m thankful for our little family and the time we had to spend together. We had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a beautiful New Year!


Happy Birthday America!

We got out of the house early to go to our ward’s breakfast and patriotic service. It was really nice to sing patriotic songs and hear from a WWII veteran about his service. Afterward the kids ran around and we had a nice breakfast, visiting with friends.



Then, I was lamenting the lack of real parades around here…then found out that the town next to us has one of the biggest ones in Northern California. AFTER it started. Seriously!?! So, we hopped on the train and tried to make it for at least some of it…



But, we didn’t make it. They still had fun though. We went to the little festival, made spin art and waited in the longest bouncy obstacle course line EVER!!!





Later we had a BBQ with some friends. I saw the recipe for these cute cookies in a magazine and I knew I had to make them too. I’m really happy they turned out so well!

IMG_0885 IMG_0891

I also saw this recipe on a blog I follow and thought it would be a nice patriotic dessert. And really, it was super yummy!


Britton made this flag for Independence Day. He made it all by himself.



Our super cute angel baby girl. She was so good all day and looked super adorable in her red and white star dress.



When it got dark we took a drive over the bridge to the East Bay, so we could drive back over the San Mateo bridge and see the fireworks there and in Foster City. Mark’s genius plan worked, and we had a great show. We actually ended up in Foster City along the street with like 1,000 other cars watching the fireworks too. The kids loved it! It was a late night, but we had a great day celebrating America and the independence that we have.


Merry Christmas 2012!

Merry Christmas!



Good morning!


The requisite “line up in the hallway” photo

It was completely crazy in here. When there are 10 people with gifts in a small area, there is bound to be a little confusion. Combine that with K and B opening presents  from people other than those just in the room–at the same time–and I have no idea who gave them most of the presents they got. But, they had fun!


Guitar from Santa


Bouncy Horse from Santa


Eruptor!!!!! His desperpately wanted Skylander.


Fun horsey


Opening Presents


So many presents!


Kaia wearing and playing with most of her gifts at the same time–Jacket, Tutu, Dora Backpack, Coloring book, Bouncy horse etc.


Pretty homemade wrapping paper by my cousin


Playing with Eruptor and his new cars


Love my guy!



Making breakfast with Grammie

We had a delicious French Toast breakfast and then hung out most of the day. It was nice to just relax and have fun together.

Later in the day most of us (all but Mom and the kids) went to see Les Miserable. Shaela and I liked it. Mark thought it was ok. Everyone else would’ve rather seen something else. But, since I’m one who loved it, I think it was time well spent.

We had yummy dinner of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and veggies. Dessert was pie and yummy too!

It was a lovely Christmas and I’m happy we were able to be with family and spend time together.



Christmas Eve

It was quite an eventful day. but mostly pretty good.


Watching movies with Aunt Shaela…

Running errands, that really didn’t require photos, but lunch at Chick-Fil-A should be mentioned since it was really yummy.

Then, after a whole lot of wrangling and a few mishaps (including a stolen car) we ended up at Auntie Pat’s house for dinner.


Kaia loved the visiting doggy


Sharing a chair with my girlie


Yummy gingerbread cookies


Apparently this is a comfy position for eating cookies


Opening Christmas Eve Jammies


Ta-da! He’s a rock star


Cute Kitty

Then we read their daily Christmas story since we knew they’d fall asleep in the car. It was a nice night after all the craziness died down. Glad we were there with family.

Glad we (Santa) didn’t have much to deliver.



Christmas Clothes

Somehow we ended up with matching/coordinating outfits for Christmas this year. The kids’ clothes weren’t even planned to match and Mark and I just happened to it by what we had already.



Best Present Ever–Disneyland

Ever since the billboards and ads for Cars Land have popped up Britton has been wanting to go to Disneyland. We knew the kids really didn’t need any more “things” so we decided that since we were headed to So Cal for Christmas anyway, we’d take them as their gift from us this year.

Needless to say–they LOVED it! Warning: There are A LOT of pictures in this post.

Starting off the day: Welcome to Disneyland!



We started in Cars Land because it was what Britton was most excited about. It’s a good thing we did too, because the fast passes for the Racers ride were gone by 9:30!

Our first ride was Tow Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. It was fun waiting because there was so much to see. And the ride was fun too.


waiting to ride Tow Mater


The place really does look like Radiator Springs. It’s pretty cool. Of course, Disney was very detailed.

Next up was Luigi’s Flying Tires. It was really fun. Kaia liked it since she just had to lean back and forth to make it move.




Meeting Stanley

After riding all the rides we could, and knowing we’d be back later, we headed to the other parts of California Adventure. B and Mark went on Soarin’ over California while K and I went to Bug’s Land and rode the Chew Chew Train.

Then we got lucky. We were waiting to see the Chipmonks, but then Mickey came around and we got to see him instead.


She was so excited to see Mickey–and she thought it was so funny when she touched his nose. She kept going around saying “I touched his NOSE!”



Someone took our picture before we went in. B hated the sun in his eyes.

After we met back up we headed over toward fantasy land and rode the Buzz Lightyear ride. The line was SOOOOO long! But, the kids did pretty well with the shooting and got decent scores! We also saw the Captain EO movie. I was really not thinking they’ like it, but it turns out they did! I hadn’t seen it since I was young, so it brought back lots of memories.

Small World was a must–Britton remembered it from before. I love when it’s decorated for Christmas.



It’s a Small World was a big hit!



She loves the carousel, so we couldn’t go without doing that either.

When B was little I brought him at Christmas time and remembered seeing Santa in a cute little house. So, we went searching and found they’d made a whole village with crafts an games and activities.


IMG_0213   IMG_0209


More Mickey!


She loves hot chocolate!



This Santa was the slowest ever! When we got there, the line was probably about 8-10 groups long. We waited over half an hour. He took pictures with everyone in the group, in multiple combinations and liked to chat. And RIGHT before us, the handlers decided it was break time. So, the kids checked out the tree an other decorations. But, the kids liked it and had fun.

Then we did cookie decorating. And they were actually pretty good–except for the frosting.






She couldn’t resist getting Jessie’s nose either!

After that we headed over to Frontierland an decided to ride the Riverboat.



Waiting for the steamboat. They were excited! I’ve never been on it before either.




Beautiful sunset. The boat ride was really nice and pretty. It was fun seeing a part of the park I hadn’t before.

Then we went to Haunted Mansion. Kaia fell asleep just as we were on our way over, and strollers can’t go in line, so B and Mark waited in line while I stayed by the front. Britton was definitely not  excited about this ride, but once we figured out why, we assured him it was just pretend and he was fine.


I love it decorated for Halloween, and for Christmas. It’s so fun looking. Kaia slept the whole time.

Afterward we made our way back out to head over to Cars Land again to redeem the fast passes gotten in the morning for the Racers ride. It was just in time to see Cinderella’s Castle transformed for the night.



IMG_0261 IMG_0264

Back in California Adventure Britton was excited for the ride. We’d measured him earlier in the day, and he was BARELY 40 inches. And, he went on Soarin’ Over California with no problem.

IMG_0266 IMG_0267 IMG_0268

It’s amazing how real it looks. This is really a pretty small area. So, the sad part is they were super strict with the height. And, since it was night and he was tired, B wasn’t standing up as tall as he could. So, they deemed him too short. He was so disappointed. But, we managed to have fun exploring while Mark went by himself.




The end of the night was the World of Color program. B and I had seen it before, but K and Mark hadn’t.


This picture definitely doesn’t do it justice. It’s mostly so vibrant and beautiful. B liked it. K was just tired and only watched a little bit.



Miss K with her new Princess Minnie. That was what she chose as her souvenir. I asked if she liked Disneyland and she said, “Yes. It’s so fun.” With a high pitched emphasis on the SO.

We did have a fun day. We were all tired, and happy to get back on the bus to our car. But, we’re glad we went.


Pre-Christmas Festivities

Like last year, we decided to have a a little “pre-Christmas” present opening before we headed to the OC for the holiday.







Sweet picture from B’s Sunbeam teachers

They had a lot of fun and were too spoiled–even before the holiday!



Oh Christmas Tree

We’ve had a fake tree that we bought at Target since we’ve been married, and were wanting a new one. This year Mark found a deal on Living Social for a live tree that we could have delivered.

It came and was beautiful!

Before decoration. See how full and lively it looks? Like, 500 times better than our old one.

Decorated. Kaia really liked it. They helped decorate with the ones on the bottom that they could touch.

At our ward Christmas party Santa came. They loved that too.

He even remembered them from last year!

Here we are, off to a wonderful Christmas season.

We even have little helpers.

Little Elves


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