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Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

We were home for Thanksgiving this year and the kids were invited to participate in a little race Thanksgiving morning. It was organized by a girl from church, so there were a lot of familiar faces and friends who attended, but also people I didn’t know too.

Britton was really excited since lately he’s been thinking he’s the fastest boy in the world. Kaia likes to do anything he does.

Getting ready. Very official with numbers and everything.

About to start

Finish Line


They had so much fun! Britton ran “so fast!” and Kaia ran with Daddy.

Later that day I made dinner and we just relaxed and had a nice time. We’re so thankful for all of the many things we are blessed with–it’s a lot! I”m so thankful for these little guys. They are so much fun, hilarious and definitely keep us on our toes.


Halloween Adventures

This year the kids got a SERIOUS dose of Halloween. They trick-or-treated 6 times!

B saw this in the store and could hardly wait to put his “Spooky Village” together.

Kaia was a busy little bee and Britton was Spiderman. They were both so excited.

We started almost a week before the big day at a trick-or-treat event at the local high school. This is the first year Kaia understands it at all–and understand she did. It’s all about the candy–her favorite thing. She ran down the hallways shouting “Tanny walk!”


She insisted on carrying her own basket.

The next day we decorated cookies with friends.

She thinks she’s so funny!

The next event was by the city. We went last year and they really had fun. Same this year.

Almost all of the stores on our main street participated and handed out candy. It started with a little costume parade up the street and then the candy fest began. Again, K was so excited about this whole thing.

That bucket was getting heavy…but she insisted she could carry it.

We were a bit late in carving our pumpkins this year…I think partly because they get icky pretty quick here.

Kaia really loved it.

She thought she was really carving.

K wanted us to carve the little pumpkin I got for decoration too. She directed what her pumpkins should look like, the shapes and where they should go.  She loves  making silly faces.

Ghosts–Kaia picked. Middle pumpkin is white. It’s the white Angry Bird (Britton’s of course) And the Jack O’Lantern is K’s.

Finally the big day came.

Britton had a costume parade and trick-or-treating at school too. They went through all the city offices and rec center too. Siblings got to come, and K was super excited.


Part of the parade

Spidey and young Skywalker–great friends

That night we went out with our friends.  That was a lot of fun!

The kids after getting their haul.

We really did get too much candy. This is our candy bucket filled with just what they collected–after we’d eaten some.

Happy Halloween everyone!





Our ward here has an annual breakfast and Easter egg hunt at a member’s house. The kids had a great time!

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Kids waiting while the eggs were hidden they explored the front garden.

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Kaia loved finding the eggs!

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And putting them in her basket

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and moving on to the next one.

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Britton was practically a pro.

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It was a bit easy for him…but he liked it.

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She loves following him. Sometimes they make a good team.

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Her "smile"

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Then she discovered what was inside and it was all over!

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Decorating the eggs.

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Britton picked a tie dye kit. They were a little more complicated than I thought they’d be. So, we mostly just dyed them regular…but Brit liked using the dropper. The finished picture is missing =( But trust me, they looked cool.

We spent a lot of time telling Britton, and Kaia, about the real Easter story and didn’t emphasize the bunny, but they did enjoy their baskets and egg hunt.

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Heading to find their loot.

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Britton with his basket. There were a lot of activities to keep him occupied at church. Plus a plant, bubbles and of course, some candy.

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Kaia found her favorite thing right off. Love that face!

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She quickly found the eggs…and their contents.

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B found most of the eggs, but we had to help him find the rest. He had fun with it though.

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Easter outfits. I was so excited about K’s dress, and B looks like a little super star. Love his fun personality.

So grateful for the Savior and the atonement. But also for the resurrection. He made it possible for me to live again, and to be with my family again. And I love these guys! Couldn’t imagine being with out them.

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Sweet hearts

We had some friends over this afternoon to help us make and decorate our Valentine cookies. We haven’t had that in a long time–Miss you Kristie and Paige/Mav!

They had lots of fun with the pounding and rolling, cutting and decorating. I was a little slow and didn’t get any till near the end.


Kaia loved the frosting, Brit did pretty good by himself too.

Wiping messy face

wiping her messy face

finsihed product

Some of the finished product.

Thanks friends!

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Inner Harbor

The whole trip we talked to Britton about going to a science museum. But, because of  “the sickness” we didn’t end up going anywhere until the day before we left. I figured we’d take the train to the Museum of Natural History, but we ended up at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore.

I didn’t get any pictures, inside, but the kids had so much fun! Unfortunately we got there pretty late so we didn’t have a lot of time; but thanks to our membership at the Denver museum, we got in free. So, we didn’t mind too much.

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Inner Harbor in Baltimore. It was soooo cold!

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Fun by the water

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Shoulder time…

We looked around the shops there and then ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory since we couldn’t decide what kind of food to eat. I was glad that we got there. I was afraid we were going to miss out on it. Britton would’ve been so disappointed.

As we drove home we stopped by the temple to see the lights–we hadn’t even done that yet. It was soooo pretty. They really do an amazing job there. I swear, every branch is covered in lights. And, with the temple seeming to float over the freeway, and how it glows at night is so beautiful. Since I didn’t get any pics of my own, check these out: DC Temple Lights

We hurried through–didn’t even get out–because we were meeting Mark’s mom to see some other lights closer to their house. But, we got there just as it was closed. My fault. I thought it was a different day than it was and so I thought we had another hour! Britton didn’t care though, because he just liked seeing all the lights on the houses as we drove by.

I love Christmas!

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We flew out to DC the Thursday before Christmas and had a nice, relaxing week there. There was some sickness going around, but we managed to have some fun visits.

My friend Teresa came over on Friday and we had a great visit. We haven’t seen her since just before Brit turned 2, so it’s been a while.

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Thanks for coming over!

Then, Mark’s Dad and his wife were on their way back to Dallas from Turkey and had a lay over in DC. So, we went to the airport to see them. We had a nice dinner and Britton enjoyed talking their ears off. Kaia even warmed up at the end.

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Good to see you guys!

On our last day we made it out to see my uncle Billy, his wife Heather and their kids. They just moved into a new place and we were excited to check it out. It was really fun seeing them. We haven’t seen them since that cute little blond guy was a baby, so they’ve all grown up a lot! Britton had so much fun with his cousins, running around and playing. And we adults were able to catch up for a while too. Unfortunately we had to get back and pack before our flight.

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You should come out here…

And, of course their adorable new little cousin G. He was sick most of the week, but we really had fun getting to meet him and play a little bit.

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It’s pretty sad that we didn’t get any pictures with Grandma Karen, or Aunt Sara or Uncle Andrew. Who is apparently one of his new favorite people. He keeps talking about how he’s a Silly Goose and Uncle Andrew calls him.

It was so much fun getting to see everyone. It one of our favorite parts of going to DC!

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A visit from St. Nicholas

This Season Britton’s favorite book to read was ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. We have a few different versions…well, words are the same, but pictures/format is different. He was really excited about getting a visit like that this year.

Because some family members were sick, we had a bit of a different lead up to Christmas this year. We did get to make the traditional Gingerbread Houses–with a disgusting amount of candy. But, not everyone was there to participate. And, I know pictures were taken, but I don’t have them. They did look pretty cool. We do two–boys and girls. The guys usually have crazy things like army people or big snakes in the front yard. The girl ones are a bit more traditional, but very cute none the less.

We thought that we’d been spoiled during our “fake Christmas” but things were a little crazy here too.

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First wake up snuggle…

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Traditional “before presents” picture

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Opening stockings. Some good stuff!

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So yummy! Kaia loved the candy…of course

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Britton got a new laptop from aunt Sara and Uncle Andrew.


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“Santa” brought him a Crash Course. It goes great with all of the Hot Wheels he also got this year.

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Aw, Kaia loved her dolly!

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Santa even made a visit. Isn’t he cute!

After all the excitement we hurried off to church. It was nice being able to go this year. It seems that we should have meetings every year on Christmas. I really liked having the spiritual message on Christmas day. The kids even did well and looked sooo cute!

For the rest of the day I made dinner and the kids played with their toys. It was a very Merry Christmas! I hope all of you had one too.



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Fake Christmas

To borrow the name from my friend Natalie, we had ourselves a “fake Christmas” before we left for DC. We definitely wanted to save space by not bringing any presents from “us” on the trip, but thought they may like a thing or two they were getting.

It really turned out well.

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In their “Christmas Eve” jammies from Grammie, waiting for the fun to begin.

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Most asked for: Thomas and Friends

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A rock collection from Gigi and Grandpapa

Plus, he loved his boots!

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Paper Jams–Drums. He’s a pretty good little rocker.

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Cowgirl in training

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She's a shoe girl. Oh My!

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The destruction. People were way too generous!

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I just like this one …

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When I asked Britton what he wanted to get for Kaia he said a pink car. Never changed his mind. This one even goes on its own! She LOVES it!

It was a fun night, and I’m glad we did it before our trip instead of after. Happy Fake Christmas!


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Visits with Santa

We had a few Santa photo opps this season. Kaia, surprisingly, didn’t even cry!

We just happened to be in one of the 10 or so cities in the country Microsoft was doing this photosynth thing–2 years in a row! Anyway, the digital files are small, so this is as big as we have.

These are from the ward Christmas party:

Seriously, when does Kaia ever have this mild of an expression when anyoneholds her besides me?

He was a great Santa and we had a really nice party. It was fun getting to know people in our ward a little better and having a a chance to think about Christ as well

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Thanksgiving and a birthday

I’m all out of witty titles today. But, I do need to post about Thanksgiving and our trip to Orange County before Christmas at least.
We headed down the day before and it took 10 hours! It didn’t help that it was a holiday, plus we hit LA right during traffic time. But, we did make it all nice and well.
The next day Kaia decided she would walk for the first time. We thought it was for real, but if you read the last post, not so much.
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B and K with Grammie

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Pretty little girl

Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I got on Thanksgiving. But, we did have a day of thinking of our blessings. We do have so much and I am thankful that we were able to visit with family this holiday.

Also on our trip we were able to spend most of the day with some of our best friends.

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Britton and Mav had a great time! I loved visiting with Paige too. It’s been a while and we had a lot to talk about.

For my birthday Mom made some DELICIOUS French Toast, then we went to Newport Beach for a bit. I don’t think I’ve ever walked down that pier at all. We always go to Balboa’s. But it was practically perfect weather and the kids really liked looking at the water.

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Britton even got to touch a crab a local fisherman caught. He thought that was cool.

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After lunch Mom watched the kids while Mark and I went to a movie–finally, it’s been months! We saw Twilight–and this time it actually worked. Saturday we tried to go, but the theatre was having problems. We ended up with 4 ticket vouchers and 2 popcorn ones. Too bad they don’t have those theatres where we live. So, we were glad it worked out this time!

Happy Birthday to me!

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