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A Birthday with Sue

This is what greeted us the morning of Miss Kaia’s birthday

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What a little doll!

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Then it was off to swimming lessons. She was doing really good floating by herself.

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I just had to put this one in. She looks terrified! She’s more looking at me like “mom, how could you do this to me?” She really didn’t like it, but could do this:

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Float all the way by herself, so I told her to get over it.

When we got home she got a bath and some new bath toys. Then we opened her presents

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Ripping open her presents

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She loves books lately

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Talking on her new phone

It was the members only opening day for the new dinosaur exhibit at the Denver Science Museum. They had Sue, the most complete (and maybe largest) T-Rex skeleton ever found. Plus a few different robot dinosaurs that were really cool, and lots of dino info. We couldn’t take any pictures inside. =( But, Kaia LOVED the T-Rex robot. They looked real and moved around. There was a Triceratops and a Velociraptor too. But, she kept wanting to go back to the T-Rex. Britton liked the whole thing.

Afterward, we stood in line to meet Buddy from Dinosaur Train (on PBS)

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Kaia and Mommy

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Kaia and Daddy

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The whole fam

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Kaia with Buddy

We left and stopped at a cupcake place down the road. They were very pretty. And tasty. Kaia picked the Vanilla.

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Yummy Cupcake!

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Fingers are good too

She doesn’t mind getting dirty like Britton did, so she reached right in.

We think she had a fun birthday. It turned out she really liked the dinosaurs, so that was good. We love this little girl! She is so fun and adorable. Happy Birthday Angel!


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Sugar and Spice

And everything nice. That’s what my Kaia is made of.

Don’t you just want to hug her?

For her birthday we had a Sugar and Spice party because our girl is super sweet, but definitely has her spicy side. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to let ya know it!

I had a lot of fun with her theme. I’m a little bummed that I packed her invitation before I got a picture. It was a cupcake with accordian folded vellum to look like the wrapper, then the writing on the other side. We had pink, purple and white balloons, which were her favorite thing.

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The party hadn’t even begun and her headband was already off…

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For the Spicy side we had Mexican food: salsa, quesadillas, jalepeno cheese bread, beans and chips.

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On the Sweet Side we had fruit, cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies shaped like a K, cupcakes for dessert and lots of candy. Some sweet, some hot (cinnamon flavored.) Drew was saving us from the flies.

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A cute little party goer

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Kids playing. We’re so glad our friends let us have it in their backyard.!

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The party girl ate too. She’s always up for some tortilla and cheese!

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She loved Daddy throwing her up in the air.

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Get ready...

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Kaia was much more fun that Britton. He wouldn’t even touch his.

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Loving her new owl

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Birthday girl with Mommy

We had a great afternoon and were so happy that some of our friends were able to come and celebrate our little girl’s birthday with us. She had a lot of fun, and so did everyone else I think.

After this, I could hardly wait for her “real birthday.”




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Kaia is 1!

Whew, I made it. Barely. It is still her birthday though.

I can’t believe my baby girl is 1 already. This year has gone by so quickly.

From her very quick entrance into the world,

Kaia's birth

to her sunny wake up this morning

Kaia birthday morning

She has done things her own way. She’s so sweet, but knows exactly what she wants and has a mind of her own.

We love her so much and can’t imagine our lives without her. Even Britton said today “I love Kaia so much mom.” Aw, so sweet! Because often she’s trying to take something of his or pull his hair. And follow him around because she thinks he is the best person ever…next to me and Daddy.

Here are some of our favorite things:

She is the queen of mimicing and learns a lot by watching us. A few weeks ago she  folded her arms. Then shortly after that she did it for prayers all on her own. Now, every time I put her bib on she folds her arms. Just want to hug her!

She understands most of what we tell or ask her to do. Like stand in the bath to get washed, legs up for diaper changes, putting down something we say she shouldn’t have, giving us something we ask for, puts things away when it’s clean up time. Though, the opposite of that is one of her favorite games called “empty the container” where she pulls out everything in the diaper bag, cupboard, box, drawer etc.

She loves to clap, dance, play with Britton, look at books, play with letters, push buttons, get her picture taken, give hugs and kisses, pat our backs when she gives us hugs, blow raspberries when she’s done with her food–or wants something else, has started signing: milk, more, drink, all done.

She loves to eat and is really good at it. Tonight she ate with her fork for the first time after I got the food on there for her. But, she likes stuffing her mouth full and then almost choking, so I have to watch her.

I’ll post about her party and what we did today later…but I just want it to be recorded that we love our Kaia more than anything and are so grateful to have our sweet girl in our family. She is a joy and keeps us on our toes.


BFFs and some family time

One of the reasons I don’t mind our trips to Cali is that B and I get to see our friends and family that we miss terribly.

After the AMC Kids event, we had an all too short visit with our first besties, Mav and Paige. I also got to see their super cute new guy Tuck.

B and Mav

We all had a great time, and the hours flew by quickly. I’m bummed I didn’t get a pic of Paige or the baby, but I hope to next time. When asked who his friends are, Britton always says “Maverick and Paige and Max.” Sometimes Paige even comes first.

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There’s a pool at my mom’s place and we spent a lot of time there. There is a 2 foot section, so B could “swim” by himself, and Chez helped too. Kaia LOVES the water. On the first day I saw a girl giving her baby swimming lessons (she’s a real instructor) and so over the next few visits she gave me pointers. Kaia was always happy to put her face in the water or go onto her back. Like, so excited about it. I’ve got to get her into lessons here. And Britton liked to pretend he was swimming too.

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Just don’t try getting him to do a back float or really go under.

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Grandma Sheri even got to come one afternoon. Britton even got her to go in the water!

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On our last day in town our other besties Max, Eden and Linda came for a swim. The boys had a blast playing together, and eating sandwiches.

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Kaia and Eden had fun together too. They’re just under 2 months apart. Such cute girls! We were sad when they had to go home.

We got B’s next shooting dates, and they were just far enough away that we decided to go home, and fly back. So, the next day we headed out. The drive went pretty well. We got to stop at Angie’s again for a little fun and food. Britton wasn’t too happy when we had to leave.

Then at Shaela’s the dogs were happy to see them…and I think vice versa. Kaia wasn’t as afraid of them as before. We’ve discovered that Kaia has a thing for men. She likes them a lot better than women for sure. She’s always gone to Greg easily, but she’s been around him since she was born. Sometimes she likes Grandma, but I usually have to be nearby. At Shae’s she wasn’t too keen on going to her, but she went to Ethan right away and was just fine. Silly girl.

The next day we visited with my grandparents. GiGi and Gpapa to the kids. Grandpa indulged Britton with some ball throwing, and they played with the toys.

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The little crawler came up for her close up.

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Kaia with GiGi and GPapa. She went to him right away too.

Later we went to Cassie’s and played with her and Kaylee for a while. We got snow cones. I was so excited. I love them so much, but we don’t have any around here that I’ve seen. They’re very hard to find in LA too.

They are sharing a small. That’s right, each has HALF of a small. And B almost ate the whole thing. Not that I blame him. The Pina Colada was delicious. I stuck to my usual of Tiger’s Blood, Raspberry and Watermelon. Sooo yummy! Then we headed back to Cassie’s house and the kids played while I went through some of Kay’s clothes for Kaia.

She decided to help. A mighty cute baby in a box for sure.  Not so helpful though. She did continue her love of guys though. When Jeremy came home she was really excited, even though she’s seen him like once before. Apparently he was hilarious.

The next day we had a “normal” morning, then went riding in the afternoon.

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Our Hayseed. He looks like a natural up on the hay.

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He even took over the reigns on Star. He learned the “kiss kiss” and “woah” plus a little turning I think.

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Kaia’s first ride. She had fun for a while, and did good on a trip around. But then she saw me again and it was all over. Bummer.

Then we got more snow cones near Shae’s house. They weren’t as big, but just as delicious. Grandpa Jim came to visit too. Since he didn’t have a nap, Britton fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner…he slept the whole time!

We had a nice trip this time. It was fun seeing everyone…it’s been a few months. Kaia has changed a lot, and is much more mobile, so it was a bit of a challenge keeping her out of things,


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Super cute “shoes”

So, I found out about these “shoes” when I was in Texas visiting the showroom that carries our Sprout Shells. While my mother-in-law and I were wandering around looking at the products they represent, I saw these:

I had to get them. Kaia doesn’t keep socks or shoes on her feet, and I hate her looking “unfinished.”

She wasn’t so sure about them at first, and did manage to get a toe off, but then she kept them on and got compliments from everyone at church. I’m so excited for her to have something for her feet, but not shoes that can hamper her foot development too.

This pic is really not good, but she looks so cute I just have to post it….

Silly girl!



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My Doll Face

I thought this got posted like weeks ago!

I just love this girl!

Link to video of her first crawling attempts:

Kaia girlie

She is the sweetest little girl, and getting easier every day. We have so much fun with her and she just laughs all the time.

She went from inch worming a couple of inches to pulling herself all around the house in about 2 weeks.

One of her latest antics:

Yes, she is through the handle and trying to get the train stuff.

kaia with phone

She also loves my phone. Sweet little thing!



Mother’s Day, every day

I know I’m not overly (ok, much at all) sentimental in my writing here, or anywhere else. I tend to write the facts and a bit how we felt about it and that’s all. But, since getting married and giving up my daily journal writing I really want to get better about sharing things here or else they won’t get shared at all.

So, I am writing for myself how I feel about being a mom and Mother’s Day etc.

I love being a mom. Some days I wonder how I got where I am, because in my head I’m not as old as the calendar says I am, and I don’t feel as mature as I assume a mom should be, or it’s not what I pictured it would be like or something. But, I am very thankful that I am here and where I am and that I have my two wonderful angels. I have been very very lucky in the fact that I had no trouble conceiving or carrying them. I have so many good friends who longed to be mothers for a very long time before they got their dream.

Sometimes it’s very tiring–like when Kaia wakes up every hour at night–but all that is outweighed by the hugs, grins, kisses and laughter that they bring to my life.

I am thankful for my sweet, angel Britton who is so funny and smart and enthusiastic about everything. He is growing into being three with all that implies, but he still has a sweet heart and tries so hard to be good. So, on his off days when there are meltdowns and outright disobedience I really try hard not to get mad and frustrated with him because I know he’s just little. But sometimes I fail. The best part is that he’s so forgiving and 5 seconds later he’s giving me a hug and a kiss and telling me “I need to talk to you,” or “I need to snuggle you.” Though, lately he gets annoyed and acts all put out. “Ugh (BIG sigh), well, I want to…” then he does it again 2 seconds later. Apparently I am exasperating. I’m constantly amazed at how much he knows and picks up on and I know I have a very special guy on my hands that I get to take care of and nurture and help grow.  And not just with the healthy foods that he tells me he needs to eat.

Britton and Addie, good friends

Sorry it’s blurry, we were all walking.

Then there is my sweet Kaia. She is so drastically different than her brother. Very sweet and smiley, but she definitely knows what she wants and is determined she will get it. Sometimes I think she is an old soul who is just trying to figure out this body thing so she can get on with more important things like figuring out the universe. She always wants attention and has to be in sight of me at all times. Even though it’s a big adjustment from Britton who liked doing his own thing, and kind of a pain, it does make me feel good that she loves her mommy so much and  wants me to be with her. Though, unless she’s very tired she isn’t cuddly, so that’s a little disappointing. But I love smelling her little baby hair and getting all the snuggles and kisses I can. I don’t get a lot of things done when she’s not sleeping because she likes me next to her, but I try to relish it.

Me and sweet Kaia

It seems lately that a lot of people my age have been losing their children, or have passed away themselves leaving children behind. I’m sure that it isn’t any more than normal, but in this blogging world their stories are getting a wider audience. I just learned today that a friend from high school lost her 2 month old baby a year ago ( I think the same day I found out I was pregnant with Kaia) to Whooping Cough. So sad! We’ve had that here this year and I didn’t realize how big of a deal it is. I am making my appointment for my booster shot asap.

Anyway, it’s made me realize that things can change at any time and not to take things for granted. I want to just savor each moment the most that I can. I want to play and teach and do activities with the kids as much as I can because I know that it’s the most important thing.

My Mother’s Day this year was just me and the kids. Mark had a work conference in SF, CA. But honestly, I didn’t mind. As much as I LOVE help and to be pampered, I wouldn’t want to “take the day off” from being a mom, because it’s my favorite thing. Don’t get me wrong–nap time is cherished here, and I will cry when it’s over, but I love when they wake up too.

Anyway, this is super long, but…oh, i’m getting a Kaia kiss…I wanted to get this written down so I and everyone will know how much I love my little ones and how privileged I feel to be their mom.

Also–I want to tell my mom how much I appreciate her. She is so giving of her time she often has no time for herself. She is always there to listen and help with whatever is needed. I’m lucky to have her.

My mom with the kids

She adores these guys and I still get guilt trips for moving…even though she sees us more since we moved than she did when we lived there. Thanks mom. We feel loved.

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Easter 2011

creative title, I know. But, we were pretty low-key this year and didn’t do much. There was a city egg hunt last week that we went to. It was pretty crazy with hundreds of people and about that many kids converging on a field all at the same time! Brit liked getting his eggs though.

I tried to help Britton learn the meaning of the holiday, but I’m not quite sure how well that went. Easter morning:

He liked his basket.

and finding his eggs and putting them in his basket.

Kaia liked her basket too.

Kaia before church. So stinkin’ cute!

He likes her now. I love this picture!

We had dinner with our friends. The food was great and the kids loved playing together. I am so thankful for Easter and the Resurrection and the promise that we have to live again after we die.


Utah and friends

so, like a month ago we drove back from California and stayed with my sister in Utah for a few days. As the slacker that I am, I’m just getting to it…

We stopped at my good friend Angie’s house. She used to live in Cedar City, so we’d stop on our drive. She’s now in Sandy, so it was fun to see her new place (though, they’re moving back now, so yay!)

Lexie and Britton are about 5 months apart.

This one is a bit blurry, but I had to include one of Angie and me, so here ya go. Thanks Chez for taking the picture.

The kids with their GiGi, my grandma. They love playing at her house. She still has lots of toys that I played with when I was little. And visiting is always fun.

At cousin Kaylee’s house. She had lots of fun holding Kaia. She’s a good little helper. It was good to see my cousin Cassie and her husband too.

Yes, all this was in one day. Needless to say, as soon as we got in the car Britton and Kaia were completely out. It was fun though. I love seeing friends, but even with jam-packed days, I still didn’t see many people. I need a longer trip.

I saw my good friend Charlene too, and her new baby Andrea who is so sweet, and we had a great visit. I can’t find pictures from it though, so if I didn’t get one, sorry Char! I love you too!

We celebrated Britton’s birthday with my sister and Dad, so he became Cowboy Brit.

In the gear

Ride ‘em cowboy!

He’s like a pro!

Kai Kai and Aunt Shaela.

We had a really good time. Thanks for taking the day off to spend with us Shae. Hope to see you soon!

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Kaia met her “friend” Sophia last month. They’re born a few weeks apart. Sophia’s mom was my roommate when I first moved to LA.

Cute little girls!

Best buddy Mav’s birthday. The balloons were a hit!

B and his buddy Max outside the aquarium

AMC Kids

AMC friends. So cute, huh?!

We love our friends, and are happy that we can come visit them often!


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