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Fun and silliness

Cambry is a silly girl who likes to play take things out and put them back again.

These don’t go back very well though.

2014-05-05 09.52.06 2014-05-05 09.51.55

2014-05-05 07.50.01-1

Kaia started going to a nursery school the beginning of May on a trial basis to see if she liked it before we decided on it for the fall. I’d been having a hard time deciding where we should send her for school. I thought about the Co-op where Britton went when we moved here, but it is a lot of work, and after looking into it, things just didn’t work out. I thought about sending her where Britton went his last year,  but it wasn’t decided. Then I learned about a place in a woman’s home that a lot of people from church sent their children. The price was amazing and 4 days a week too. It sounded too good to be true–and it ended up being so. I didn’t like the woman or her ways very much, and Kaia pretty much hated it. She seemed to like it at first, but after a couple of weeks she started saying she didn’t want to go, and that no one liked her. She still talks about how glad she is that she doesn’t have to go to Teacher Jean’s. Even last week, after going to her new school, she whispered in my ear, “Mommy, thank you that I don’t have to go to Teacher Jean’s anymore.”  I’m really glad we did the trial month so we had someplace for her to go right now.

2014-05-23 11.31.15

This little doll got this down off her wall one day before I picked her up after her nap. She quite likes having her picture taken and was only too happy to give me her super cute smile.

2014-05-22 17.14.03

She loves the water and to swim, so she gets very sad when the kids are at their lessons. It’s kind of sad, but I do take her earlier in the day, so she does get pool time too!

2014-05-22 13.19.19


Getting our box of diapers is a highlight around our house. They love the colorful packages, and the big box!




School’s Out!

Britton had a lot of fun the last days of school. For Garden Class they had a “tomato throwing party” like they do in Spain. Only this time we used water balloons instead.

2014-06-12 11.31.07 2014-06-12 11.30.52 2014-06-12 11.30.47 2014-06-11 11.35.03


We were sad to say goodbye to Maestra Rocha. She was such a great teacher for Britton this year. She understands him and was really good at channeling his energy–and brain power into something productive.

2014-06-13 11.23.24

After school we had a picnic in the park with friends. It was the perfect way to end the year.


2014-06-13 12.30.40

Thoughts on Britton’s Kindergarten year:

I am so glad he got into the Spanish Immersion program. Without it, he would’ve been so bored! His Spanish has come so far already. He doesn’t speak much at home, but his teacher says he fully speaks Spanish in the classroom, and if he doesn’t know a word, asks about it. He loves to be creative and play with friends. Everyone seems to like him and he likes to be friends with everyone. He’s grown so much and is such a fun, sweet boy.


Monterey and Carmel

Our friends invited us down to visit for the weekend in Carmel–and who could turn that down?

We went to the little lagoon near the beach in Carmel that’s more like a lake–no waves–perfect for little ones.

2014-06-08 15.55.10 2014-06-08 15.54.31

Britton loved playing in the sand. Cam, not so much. Kaia liked the water, until she hit a drop off and nearly went under. Then she just wanted to hold Daddy’s hand.

2014-06-08 15.43.21 2014-06-08 15.43.12 2014-06-08 15.42.54 2014-06-08 15.21.42 2014-06-08 15.03.59 2014-06-08 14.51.33

It was so fun. They all loved it! That night they were excited to have a sleep over with their friends.

2014-06-07 20.11.08

We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and all of them loved it–of course.  2014-06-07 13.41.04 2014-06-07 13.01.17 2014-06-07 12.55.03 2014-06-07 12.52.54 2014-06-07 12.52.48 2014-06-07 11.42.21 2014-06-07 11.41.36


At the end of the day, they were wiped out!

2014-06-07 14.48.50

The weekend went way too fast. Monterey and Carmel are so pretty and fun. We all had a great time with the Wetzels.


Water Fun

2014-05-27 10.37.45 2014-05-27 10.37.40 2014-05-27 10.37.35

Cambry loved playing at the splash pad at the local park. She liked standing on the spout.


2014-05-31 15.29.23

We went to a local festival with friends. The kids love Shayne. Though, while we were there we lost Kaia. We were all in one spot looking at something, and when we moved on, she stayed behind. We didn’t realize it for a few minutes because we were with other people and thought she was with them. When we didn’t see her with us, we figured she wandered to a nearby booth to look at something, but after a few minutes, I realized she really was missing. So, I went out and found security people who radioed her missing status. Luckily she’d been “left” right by the Will Call booth that was staffed by some nice women who saw her dancing alone and took her into the booth and played with her.

I’m somewhat hesitant to admit this, but I wasn’t seriously worried until I talked to the security officer. Maybe it’s where we live. Maybe I’m too trusting, But I really didn’t think anything bad had happened to her, and that she’d be fine. But, as time went on, I was starting to get a little panicked. Just glad she was safe, even if a little scared and sad.

2014-05-30 06.57.59

Oh, little Cam sleeping. She’s such an angel. Love her!





Mother’s Day

I am very blessed with the sweetest children.

In Britton’s class, they had a Mother’s Day celebration. He made me a paper flower, a note pad with a picture he drew, and a paper picture of me.

2014-05-08 12.51.02 2014-05-08 12.42.58


Then they sang songs, it was so cute!

2014-05-08 12.42.53




Then on Monther’s Day, we had a nice time at church and I got some pictures with these cute things. 2014-05-11 21.50.57 2014-05-11 14.24.27 2014-05-11 14.24.01 2014-05-11 14.22.47


Mark made a delicious dinner and I had a nice relaxing day.

Sometimes during all of the busyness and craziness of the day I can lose sight of how truly remarkable they are and all of the wonderful, special qualities they have. They’re smart, and thoughtful and curious and fun and loving and special little spirits. And even when I’m definitely not at my best, they still want hugs and loves and are forever forgiving. I am so lucky to be their mother.


Princess Cambry is 1!

One year ago our sweet angel Cambry was born.


She is such a fun, sparkly little joy of a girl. She didn’t crawl until 11 months, but she’s pretty close to walking already.

She talks and babbles constantly. She says: dat (that), yeah, dis (this), mama, dada, buh-by (with the cutest little wave), huh (hi)

She’s very smart and understands most of what we tell her, and follows commands like come here, lay down, no, sit down, etc.

She’s pretty sure she’s a big girl and can do what the other kids do. She hates to be left out. Her sippy cup makes her ridiculously happy. She grins while kicking her legs and waving her arms. The does the same thing for her teething tablets. She currently has 9 teeth, 3 on the bottom, 4 in the front top and two on the top sides. They came in without me knowing because they were farther back. She’s super snuggly–when she wants to be–but likes to go her own way when she’s feeling independent. She loves her brother and sister. They make her laugh on a regular basis, and love to play with her and make her happy.

She’s a delight to everyone. They say her eyes are so beautiful and amazing. Strangers often stop us to exclaim how beautiful she is. Cam is definitely a chunk. She weighs like 4 pounds more than the other kids at her age. Her face is perfectly round and chubby.

She likes taking things out of containers and putting them back, and can now open my laptop all by herself. So, it’s not safe anywhere.

She loves to “read” but only books with pages. Apparently she thinks board books are for babies. She’s very strong, and can stand well, until she thinks about it. She loves to drop backward from our arms and go upside down, often flinging herself back without warning, so we have to stay prepared.

Favorite foods include eggs, grapes, apples, tomatoes, chicken, beans, yogurt, bread, and cheese.




We had a lovely Easter this year. It was later than usual, but I still felt it came up fast. Between Britton’s birthday, play and prepping for Cam’s birthday, I didn’t get to all of the things that I usually like to.

But, the kids did get small baskets with gifts mostly reminding them of the real meaning of Easter, which is what I wanted.

The pictures are in reverse order.

2014-04-20 14.24.45 2014-04-20 14.30.17 2014-04-20 14.24.05 2014-04-20 14.23.31 2014-04-20 14.23.26 2014-04-20 14.22.44 2014-04-20 09.44.21 2014-04-20 09.44.19 2014-04-20 09.44.08 2014-04-20 09.39.21 2014-04-20 09.39.02 2014-04-20 08.29.36 2014-04-20 08.22.07 2014-04-20 08.18.30 2014-04-20 08.18.15




New Year, New Habits

I’ve spent the past few weeks really thinking about what I want to be doing and that I really need to get things together!

I’ve come to realize that I am definitely the kind of person who does better with a schedule and a list. The more that I “structure” my day, have more of a routine, I am able to get so much more done. I don’t feel like I’m forgetting things all the time either.

Some of the things I want to do are things that I did in the past for a short time, like learning bags, but then got disbanded somehow and fell by the wayside.

So, here are some of the things that I am going to do to get back on track

  1. Create learning bags for Kaia (maybe Britton too) that I can pull out when I need her to have something to do while I take care of things, and don’t want her on the Kindle. They loved them before, but they somehow got taken apart. Time to put them back together.
  2. Create a list of activities for Britton to do after school. These will have to include Kaia too because she hates to be left out. Things that are like games, but also educational. RelentlesslyFun will be a frequent resource. He loves to learn, and wants things to do. I need to get my act together and put stuff together.
  3. Teach Kaia her “school” on a weekly basis. She likes it when we do it and learns a lot. She likes thinking she’s a big girl.
  4. Write here on the blog or in a journal more often. At least once a week. I know the importance of keeping a journal, and I used to keep one up to date. For some reason, I mostly stopped when I got married. Maybe my life was full of a lot less angst, or maybe starting the blog took over that role, I don’t know. One things I do know, is that I need to share more life. Stories, silly things, every day happenings that are important to us. Not just holidays or special occasions. But things that will be important to look back on.
  5. Read more. Especially non-fiction and religious books.
  6. Teach. This kind of goes along with the kids activities, but it also involves teaching them life skills that they aren’t going to magically know how to do. I’m really bad at expecting them to know how to do things, but then realizing I never taught them how. So, more teaching and more patience.

There are so many more, but I think I’ll leave the list here for now. That’s a lot, but I’m looking forward to it.


A Beautiful Christmas

I can hardly believe Christmas is nearly over…just 2 hours left here. It came so quickly this year. I keep saying “I just need one more week, then it can come.” But, unfortunately that’s not how it works.

It’s been quite a rush this year and we didn’t get to many things I wanted to. And, some of the ones we did weren’t really enjoyed. They were more hurried and had the feeling of “ok, we have to do this” instead of doing it for the fun and togetherness.

Every night instead of nicely reading Christmas stories and reading scriptures about the Savior’s birth, there is running around, craziness and fighting. I put the kids to bed quickly because it’s so much easier–and I can tell by their behavior that they’re tired and totally ready for it. But then I’m sad we didn’t get to do more.

Finally though, a few days ago the craziness slowed to a trickle and I felt like I could actually sit down without feeling the pull of something else that had to get done RIGHT NOW. And we had a couple of days to be slower and do more story reading.

And our Christmas ended up being wonderful. Two of 3 children slept until 7. The third until 7:30. We had a nice, calm–though excited–present opening time. With every one they wanted to stop and play with the new item instead of opening others.


Waiting for Kaia

They were probably least excited about their new bunk beds, but we were, so that’s the important thing. Though, tonight as they went to bed they were pretty excited about it. We’ll see how the night does. Cambry was also excited to sleep in a crib for the first time. Yay! She’s finally out of the pack n play! Poor child, nearly 8 months old and is just now getting a crib. As she was laying there she kept kicking her legs and laughing. So, we think that’s a good sign.

IMG_20131225_090736401_HDR IMG_20131225_083315621 IMG_20131225_081932700 IMG_20131225_080632240 IMG_20131225_074435935 IMG_20131225_101809547_HDR IMG_20131225_125948463

They played with their toys and things all day. Kaia wanted to watch her new movie. Britton played with Angry Birds launchers and Skylanders. Cam liked biting and sucking on her blocks.

We the kids got way more presents than they needed or knew what to do with. Our living room was a total disaster (I seriously had to just close my eyes sometimes to reduce the anxiety.) 

Mark set up the beds, we completely rearranged their room. I love it so much more. I also finally got the toy room cleaned–just in time for Karen to come.


I feel like we lost the reason for celebrating Christmas, though we did a lot of that last night, and we were together. But, like every other day, this one went by so fast.

I’m thankful for our little family and the time we had to spend together. We had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a beautiful New Year!


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