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A Visitor!

My kids were looking forward to their aunt coming for weeks. When the day finally arrived they were bummed that they had to go to bed before she got here….but it was a great morning!

We kept her pretty busy, even though most of our activities were kid-centric, not really exciting for teenagers. But, she was a trooper and went along with everything with a great attitude.

Oh–and I must mention I became pretty much in love with having a “mother’s helper” foe a week. Seriously, it was awesome having another set of hands during the day.

On Saturday when Mark was with us we went up to San Francisco to do all the “touristy” stuff. Wow. It was crazy busy. We didn’t know there was a lead-up race to the America’s Cup going on. And it was summer.

But, we had a great afternoon.


We didn’t see seals–it wasn’t in season. But, we saw Alcatraz and the wharf. She liked the Left-Handed store too.

Because parking was a pain, but we wanted to show Chez and the kids Lombard Street, I dropped them off (with Mark).

IMG_0901-2678203748-O IMG_0905-2678204173-O

They thought it was really fun to see. I didn’t want to drive down it with our big long car, but when we drove away from the area to go over the Bridge, I was super glad I hadn’t tried. The line went down 4-5 blocks!

This is what view we got as we headed north.



We ended up in Sausalito at a little Pizzeria that was  tiny, but yummy.


This is the view of the bridge we got heading south–like an hour later.


On Sunday we had Cambry’s blessing–that’ll be another post.

Monday we went to Happy Hollow. The kids love that place and we had a great day.


I love this playground.



Kaia had wanted to go on the Carousel at Fisherman’s Wharf–but I wasn’t spending $10 for 1 ride, so I told her we could go here.

They also love Granny Bugs

granny bugs

chez bridge


We were so excited to show Chez everything and spend time with her. We hope she liked San Francisco!


Pioneer Day

I was excited to be in Utah for Pioneer Day. It’s been so long, and I missed it. So, we planned with my cousin Cassie to hang out and go with her and Kaylee to a little one in Cottowood Heights, not too far away.

It was fun and the kids really liked it.




It was so cute watching them wave to the cars and floats.



They enjoyed the otter pops.







So fun watching them play together and just hang out. They really wished they could play every day.


Oh, and I just loved this one. Kaia couldn’t leave Teri’s piano alone. She loved playing it and it was so cute!



Temple Square

We had a very nice little trip to Temple Square on our trip. The kids loved it. Kaia thought it was so pretty, and they loved the Christus statue.





They’ve both been before, but I don’t think Kaia remembers. I loved seeing her excitement of the whole visitor’s center and the pictures of Jesus. Britton liked the model of Jerusalem too. I love that it looks like He”s watching over them.



Gigi and Grandpapa!

After our fun visit with Chezney it was time to take her back home…so we hit the long road and headed northeast toward the Homeland.

Things I learned along the way…
1. Britton still gets car sick. Don’t stick him in the back of the car.
2. Nevada is a REALLY wide state, and REALLY boring 98& of the way
3. Having lots of snacks is crucial to everyone’s well-being
4. Don’t stop! As soon as the car reaches a speed of less than 5 miles per hour, any sleeping child wakes up instantly

As soon as we reached Kaysville our whirlwind trip began. Seeing Grammie was beyond exciting. Even though it was really late, the kids were wide awake and super chatty. I, on the other hand, really just wanted to go to sleep. But, it was good to see her again, and Teri and Marti too.

The next morning after getting all ready we visited GiGi and Grandpapa for most of the day.



I’m kind of in love with this picture.





It was lots of fun, and Miss Cam got worn out! The other kids played with the toys my awesome grandma has kept through the years. One that Britton likes was one that I loved as a kid too. I am so glad that we got to spend time with them. The visits are much to far apart.

Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I was worried that the kidlets were being a bit too crazy and energetic, but they insisted it was ok and that they were totally fine. Nice to know. Makes my stress level go way down.

After so much fun, they’ve decided to come visit us soon (hint, hint).



We went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point with our family. It was lots of fun!

IMG_0970 IMG_0962 IMG_0960

Wind tunnel


There were WAY too many photos taken in front of this cave…


Roaring like a dinosaur. Scaring Cambry.



Mesmerized by the wind tunnel.


Our life lately…

Kaia has some CRAZY hair sometimes. Here it’s sticking up on 3 sides of her head.

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Angry Bird

Britton made this Angry Bird all by himself, from memory. He cut and glued it together.

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Kaia with her friend Donald, walking arm in arm. It was soooo cute!

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She has a hard time not kissing her sister ALL DAY!

And, I needed some pictures of the kids, so shot these this afternoon.



Can’t believe how grown up my little boy has gotten. He’s such a sweet, loving guy.



My silly girl. So smiley, dramatic and mischievous. Loves to help out with Cambry and just about everything else too.


B and his friend.



What can I say. She’s our little doll face. Long eyelashes, blue eyes and an adorable smile. Love her to pieces!

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Adventures with Grandma

Over Memorial Day weekend Mark’s mom came to town and we went to the Jelly Belly factory. It’s a bit of a drive, but we’ve been wanting to go for a while. The kids had a really good time. We did too. It is a pretty cool place!

IMG_0754 IMG_0756


We also went to Happy Hollow, it’s a little zoo, play area, farm and rides all in one.

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Kaia Carousel

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Walking with Daddy.



Cambry with Grandma Karen

It was a fun, but short weekend. We were really glad that Grandma could come and spend time with us!


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Our Camby Lamby

Has it really been 5 weeks already?! I’m pretty sure May didn’t exist this year. Seriously, I told Britton the other day that it wasn’t May yet. It was like the 29th.

Anyway, we’re doing pretty well. It is a lot different from having 3, that’s for sure. But, we’re a lot less busy than we were when Kaia was a newborn, so to me it’s not horrible. The hardest part is that Kaia still loves her too much and is too rough–gets RIGHT in her face and yells, or SHAKES the bouncer. Sigh. But, she does love her too. Always wants to hold her and see her. Britton thinks she’s super cute.

She’s started smiling. We haven’t gotten a picture yet, but it’s really cute. She’s done it almost since she was born, but usually when going to sleep. But, now it’s for real. When we talk to her and smile at her. She’s started losing her hair on top. I’m really disturbed about it. But, it’s also growing, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Oh–and she got giant! At her 1 month appointment she was 9 lbs 8 oz!  So, she’s not having a problem eating. But, she does have a bit of reflux, so I think she likes to eat a lot to make herself feel better.

She loves to sleep with her hands up by her head. Always at least one. She really likes to be held to sleep. Still. Like, I’ll put her down–asleep–an she wakes up 10 minutes later. But if I hold her, she’ll sleep for 3-4 hours straight. Cam is really good at holding her head up. She pokes around like a little turtle, and she doesn’t cry if I put her on her tummy. She just sticks her head up and looks around.

2013-05-22 11.47.17 2013-05-31 16.58.08

Her sister really loves her. And sometimes Cambry likes her too…just not right now.

2013-05-31 17.41.07 2013-06-01 07.23.54 2013-06-02 19.07.15

Looking around on our walk

2013-06-02 21.17.48

Arms up!

2013-05-26 19.08.53

Little smile

2013-05-27 10.14.40 2013-05-30 08.01.08

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Fast Friends

We were so excited to have our awesome friends Kristie and Alia come visit us in February. We visited them last year in NC and had such a great time. But missed them terribly.

Our week was pretty action packed, but super fun.

We went to a place at nearby Coyote Point called CuriOdyssey that is a science/hands on/animal exploration center. The kids had a lot of fun trying everything out.








Cool birds




The otters were really fun.

After a while we headed over to the big castle park that’s also part of Coyote Point. Somehow, I don’t have a picture of the whole thing, but you can see it here: Coyote Point Park. It’s like a big castle with other smaller things surrounding it.


Kaia hatched from her egg



Apparently I was too busy chasing K around to take pictures of the place. REALLY?! But, they had a lot of fun and didn’t want to leave.

We also headed to the Oakland Zoo. It was an overcast morning, and a little chilly, but nice since there weren’t lots of people.

IMG_0398 IMG_0402

Cool zebras


Riding frogs


Becoming turtles. They thought the climbing things were as fun as the animals.


Silly monkey that put on a show of strength for everyone. He came over to where everyone was standing and just stayed like that for awhile, then he moved into another position and stayed there, like he was showing off. So funny.

IMG_0415 IMG_0416


Kaia loved the carousel as usual. It’s her “must  do” thing whenever there is one. Britton rode on some cars that are his favorite at the zoo.

We had a fun time there…and it warmed up just as we were leaving!

One day Mark had a meeting in the city, so we went up for a day of fun too. We headed to SF’s Golden Gate Park. I never realized how huge it is! We found a children’s play area and the kids loved it! They really didn’t want to leave.


Fun swings.

Then went to another part of the park called Stow Lake that has an island in the middle. This part here is Strawberry Hill. The waterfall and everything were really pretty.



Unfortunately, we didn’t have lots of time here, but will definitely have to go back. While Mark went to his meeting we had lunch and then visited the Ghirardelli store and cafe.



Their hot chocolate is sooooo good! But, I was super full afterward.




Apparently we wore them out!

Since it was almost Valentine’s Day we decided to make and decorate cookies.


The kids had a lot of fun.



Kaia liked eating the frosting best.


Britton’s getting to be a good little decorator.


Silly girls in a box.



Kristie and me.

It was sooooo fun having them here. Kaia would wake up and ask for Alia; and was really sad after they were gone. So were we all.

Hope we get to see them again next year!

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Random cuteness…and silliness of course

Just some random pictures that didn’t fit with a much else, but are pretty cute and should be recorded for posterity.

Cute towels

Cute Sunday Clothes

I finally convinced her to wear her “princess dress”

She likes to do art too.

Big Bite

Silly boy

At a friend’s baby’s blessing the kids got a little silly. Kaia helped herself to treats and Britton danced for everyone.

Big Girl

This was a special occasion, water inside and car stopped, but she thinks she is such a big girl.

For my birthday we weren’t planning on doing anything…well, I wasn’t. But Mark wanted to go out and at the last minute what I’d planned for dinner didn’t work out, so to Cheesecake Factory we went.

It was fun and the kids were great.


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