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Donde Viven Los Monstros

Britton was the “lead” in his class’s play based on Where the Wild Things Are. Since his class is Spanish, it was Donde Viven Los Monstros. It was pretty darn cute. He made a great Max! IMG_20140403_113318867_HDR IMG_20140403_111742876 IMG_20140403_111755223 IMG_20140403_112117599 IMG_20140403_112335928 IMG_20140403_112423804 IMG_20140403_112551681 ¬† I didn’t really get photos during the performance because I was videoing it. But, it’s really cute. Maybe one day I’ll post it here.


Happy Birthday Britton!

A year ago we got the most amazing and precious gift. At 10:32 pm Britton was born and we learned about true joy. I can’t even believe¬† it’s been a year already.

Born 7 lbs 1 oz.  19 1/4 inches

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Now 18 lbs 4 oz. 29 1/4 inches

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He was so happy and cheerful today. Like he knew it was his birthday and it was a special day. Even without a morning nap–apparently he’s a big boy now–and an hour afternoon nap–an even bigger boy–he was still sweet and excited and had lots of fun.

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He loved his bath toys…and books

Then we had lunch with Mark at Sharkey’s–he loved his quesedilla and black beans. Then we went to Crumbs for him to pick out his birthday cupcake. He picked a vanilla one with a raspberry cream cheese frosting.

Then we went to the party store and he got a balloon. I’m pretty sure that was his favorite present.

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We went over and played with Mav for a while and then went on a walk.Well, Brit got to play with Mav’s toys while he slept.

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We had pasta for dinner and he loved it…sorry no messy face pics this time.

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Time for cake! He’s never had any before, but likes other sweets. So I thought he’d love this….

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Not so much. All he wanted to do was pick all the sprinkles off. He took bites when I gave them to him, but he had no interest in eating it himself.

We had such a fun day. We’re so happy that he is in our lives and we get to be his parents. He is such a sweet angel! Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. He appreciates them all.

Happy Birthday Baby!

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Feed Fixed and

If you subscribe to our site with google reader (or other feed readers, I would imagine), things should be back to normal now. Basically, I was optimizing our site and checked an option I shouldn’t have. I could get more technical, but that would probably bore most of you. However, if that wouldn’t bore you and you *want* to read technical stuff, I’ve just set up a new blog for myself at There’s nothing there at the moment (other than a vanilla WordPress install), but I’ll be putting stuff there that doesn’t apply to our family as a whole. Stuff like what music I’m listening to, web/tech related items, gripes about Internet Explorer etc. If that sound interesting to you, I plan on posting about once a week. If not, we’ll continue to post about our family here. Just so this post isn’t completely unrelated to what we normally write about here, I’m including a picture of the glider that we picked up this weekend. We’re all set and excited for Britton’s arrival.


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