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Random thoughts on my motherhood…

I love my little Britty. Yes, I call him Britty. I love being his mom. He is such a sweet and loving little boy. He’s so helpful and generous with tender little feelings. He’s funny and inquisitive and quite athletic (I don’t know where he got it.) He helps me stop and just enjoy the little moments when we read a story–preferably his ones about fish or shapes or peek-a-boos.

He definitely knows what he wants–or doesn’t–and lets us know.  But, is also so easy going that we can cart him all over the valley every Saturday and he hardly makes a peep. Doggies get him really excited and he’s thrilled to sign it to us. I love watching him discover something new and try a trick over and over again. When he goes to sleep I love watching his deep, even breathing and will him to wake up so  I can hold him again.

He makes being worn out and having a messy house worth it.

And, I was excited for Mother’s Day because I got to reflect on all of the amazing to be his moms in my life and how there are so many different types of mothers. Thank you to all of the wonderful women in my life who inspire me to be the best mom I can be.

And, as much as I love Brit, I think he’s a bit attached to me too. When he’s hurt or upset or tired he likes to go to me first. To show his appreciation, he got me a movie and a game for the Wii. Mark made a delicious breakfast and dinner and cleaned up almost all the dishes. (Maybe next year he’ll actually help.)

I love my guys. Thanks for making my day so special!


Happy Birthday Britton!

A year ago we got the most amazing and precious gift. At 10:32 pm Britton was born and we learned about true joy. I can’t even believe  it’s been a year already.

Born 7 lbs 1 oz.  19 1/4 inches

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Now 18 lbs 4 oz. 29 1/4 inches

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He was so happy and cheerful today. Like he knew it was his birthday and it was a special day. Even without a morning nap–apparently he’s a big boy now–and an hour afternoon nap–an even bigger boy–he was still sweet and excited and had lots of fun.

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He loved his bath toys…and books

Then we had lunch with Mark at Sharkey’s–he loved his quesedilla and black beans. Then we went to Crumbs for him to pick out his birthday cupcake. He picked a vanilla one with a raspberry cream cheese frosting.

Then we went to the party store and he got a balloon. I’m pretty sure that was his favorite present.

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We went over and played with Mav for a while and then went on a walk.Well, Brit got to play with Mav’s toys while he slept.

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We had pasta for dinner and he loved it…sorry no messy face pics this time.

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Time for cake! He’s never had any before, but likes other sweets. So I thought he’d love this….

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Not so much. All he wanted to do was pick all the sprinkles off. He took bites when I gave them to him, but he had no interest in eating it himself.

We had such a fun day. We’re so happy that he is in our lives and we get to be his parents. He is such a sweet angel! Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. He appreciates them all.

Happy Birthday Baby!

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More photos!

We’ve got a lot more photos online but we haven’t had time to put them in our gallery yet. For now, you can view them at our Kodak Gallery page. You can also order prints from there if you’d like.


New Photos

Kirsten & MarkHey Everyone,

We’ve been busy getting our apartment put together. It has taken a lot longer than I thought. We haven’t had much time to work–just a few hours after work each night. We painted our living room a nice shade of light brown/tan. now, things have been put in a little bit of order.

We know you’ve been waiting a while, but we finally have some photos of the wedding up on the site. Just look in the “Gallery.” We will have many more soon–we hope. As soon as we get them from the photographer.

Hope you like them!

Love Kirsten and Mark


Less than 3 weeks!!!

The countdown is on…less than 3 weeks until the wedding! We are both really excited about everything. The wedding, the receptions, our honeymoon, finally having our own place–and just being married!

We have been very busy for the past couple of weeks searching for an apartment. It’s a lot harder than we thought. There is so much competition here, that you have to have your application in first, and pass the credit check. We have had a hard time finding somewhere with enough space, at a reasonable price (for LA), that isn’t run down or in a bad area.

We think we may have found one–finally. We will keep you posted.

Everything else is coming together well. We have almost everything we need and it’s going to be great!

See you all soon!

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Welcome to our site – We thought this would be the perfect way to keep all of our family and friends up to date on all of our wedding details. Our preparations are in full swing and we’re very excited!

Take some time to wander through the site and find out more about how we met, our engagement, reception details and some photos of our relationship.

Have Fun!

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